Fifth Circuit Court Reinstates Injunction on Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate for US Government Workers, Prepares for En Banc Consideration of the Mandate

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President Joe Biden’s mandate that United States government workers receive an experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shot or lose their jobs is one of the Biden administration coronavirus shots mandates that has managed to stay in force. That situation changed this week.

On Monday, the US government’s Fifth Circuit Court vacated a previous decision of a three judge panel of the court that had thrown out an injunction against the mandate ordered by a lower court. Now, under the new Firth Circuit Court order, that injunction is back in effect until a larger “en banc” panel of judges has had a chance to review and decide the matter.

Read more about this breaking news in a Monday Reuters article here.

Feds for Medical Freedom, plaintiffs in the case titled Feds for Medical Freedom v. Biden, posted the brief Monday decision from the Fifth Circuit Court and noted that the en banc hearing is scheduled for September 12 in Twitter posts you can find here.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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