Do Elephants Have Human Rights? (ft. Theresa McMahan of Protect the Harvest)

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“If this sets precedent, it’s not going to just set precedent for, you know, elephants and zoos. If an animal is able to have a human right, which habeas corpus is a human right, it sets precedent that any animal, if kept in captivity, could be subject to having a lawsuit. That includes your dog and your cat, and all zoo animals or livestock. So when you start down that road, it’s very hard to stop it.” — Theresa Lucas McMahan, Protect the Harvest

In Episode 278 of District of Conservation, Gabriella talks with Theresa McMahan. Theresa is the Program Manager for Protect The Harvest and Lucas Oil Products, Inc. and has been with the company since 2013. Gabriella and Theresa discuss the Nonhuman Rights Project suing the Bronx Zoo claiming they are depriving Happy the Elephant is being wrongfully detained by the zoo and deserves human rights. Tune in!

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