Biden’s handlers up the ante on hurricane season

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Sky-high gas prices.  Supply chain problems.  The threat of people not being able to get out of a hurricane area due to the nature of the season.  Rapid in close development within a couple of days of the coast. Just a few of many considerations, only one of them the last one, having to do with the weather, the others having to do with an energy policy worthy of Chavez’s best days.   Hurricane forecasting has always been a high-pressure job (ironic given they are low pressure) but Biden Administration energy policy has really upped the ante for a forecast.

Which is good for what I do, as it makes hitting the forecast more important, which can transcend some of the blackballing that is being done today by people who wish to isolate, demonize and destroy any who dare question the narrative.

My first responsibility is to my clients. For example, A company that is a client of has ports on the coast from Texas to the Caribbean.     If I can pinpoint a hurricane hit faster than is a known, I save them money compared to what they would have lost.  How so?  Suppose 5 days away I say, like we did with Ida, a major hurricane is coming for SE La.   ( we were going into phase 2 of the MJO and every major in close rapid development since 2017 has occurred in that phase)   At that time, what was going to be Ida was not being forecasted to be that strong since it was not even a storm yet.  My client can make plans to secure equipment and personnel (for example make hotel reservations in an area as close as possible but out of danger, so you can get back in quicker). They will not be caught up in the panic that develops when the obvious shows up, they have already battened down the hatches.  The other thing and this is where the power and impact scale comes in as it takes into account the  SIZE  of the storm not just the wind speed, a storm that may be an Ida Like Cat 4 at New Orleans will not have near the widespread havoc as Betsy which had hurricane winds extending out twice as far.

In fact, if you tell them in March you expect a big season, they already are getting ready.

You can’t stop the storm, but you can mitigate its effects. It was why I was trying to get people to quit paying attention to the impeachment and understand what was coming to Texas last year.  I am grateful CFACT lets me do these things in advance because it appears many people in DC are not concerned until they can use climate for soundbites to counter the left when they come out with it., It does us no good to wait until it is obvious. They own the meteo misinformation media. The only chance is to try to get out in front, which in essence lays the trap if it happens since you can point out they had no idea of what was going on and simply are using it for their phony climate war agenda.

All this is good for business in what I do, because if I prove myself further away, we get more clients.   But it is not good for every other aspect of the implication of a hurricane with what has been done to our economy and infrastructure.  It is a  BIGGER disaster in the making, The best we can hope for is despite what looks to be a bad year, ( we have had this out since March and April) we have landfalls in areas that are not as populated, but we have the gulf coast targeted also above average activity on the east coast. I am seeing one forecast after another lining up with what we have been showing you well before other sources started piling in. But if the sum of all these ideas is right, Biden’s policies will amplify hardships beyond what they would be with a booming vibrant economy and plenty of supply ready to be transported in.

And true to the mantra of this administration when it comes to anything, it will be a case of making the problem so severe they can use it for their phony climate war to push their agenda.  Remember we are way beyond Rahm Emmanuels “Never let a crisis go to waste”. We are now all the way to Lennins ” The Worse, the Better.”

The warm December helped us dodge a grid bottleneck this winter.    The torrid summer being pushed may not be so hot across the entire nation though the interior west into Texas looks plenty hot though modeling is cooling summer down ( it cant see cooling until it actually starts showing up_. So there is a chance that again, we get cut a break.  But what has happened here is that lesser events carry the potential for disruption that bigger events did and that blame can be laid squarely on the policies that are dismantling our way of life.

It is no accident.

Before I go, one more thing for my favorite climate refugee spokesperson, AOC.

I wonder if she is watching what is going on in Central America where there has been near-record food production while she claims the climate is forcing people to leave. If they are leaving, they are going to need some warmer clothing,   Check out how much below average those areas are forecasted to be in the coming 46 days.




Fat chance you will hear boo about this. In fact, maybe those refugees are coming north this year to get out of cooler, wet conditions.

See, its climate change

  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.

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