Fortunate Swedes

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Early on in the coronavirus scare, the government of Sweden chose to communicate some health advice and let things go on rather close to normal instead of falling in line with other countries’ governments imposing sets of draconian mandates in the name of countering coronavirus.

In response, predictions were flying in the big money media that especially massive death and destruction would befall Swedes as a result.

Those dire results did not come to be. In fact, confirming other reports over the run of the coronavirus scare, a new analysis by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that Sweden’s excess deaths during the coronavirus scare were well below average compared to countries both in Europe and across the world. Read more about the WHO analysis in Emily Craig’s Friday Daily Mail article here.

The fortunate Swedes were able to enjoy greater relative safety along with more respect for freedom and less economic harm than people in many other countries where politicians took a more authoritarian approach. Hopefully, when another big health scare comes along, many people will find guidance from the Swedish government’s relatively pro-freedom approach to coronavirus.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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