CFACT sponsors poultry farm in Uganda

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As part of CFACT’s international Stewardship in Action program, CFACT helped fund a new poultry farm in Uganda to help a local entrepreneur, Namunganga Angel Barbra, and support the local economy.

You can learn about her poultry house and some of the challenges she faced in this video put together by those on the ground in Uganda here. We are happy to report the business is up and running, with healthy and happy chickens!

Initially, many of the chickens died due to illness. Despite several different medications, the chickens continued to die off. Yet, despite these issues, Namunganga persevered and now the chicken farm is thriving. The plans are to raise even more chickens and continue to expand operations.

CFACT’s international Stewardship in Action program helps fund conservationists and entrepreneurs around the world to help both the environment and humanity. Recent projects included light installation on livestock pens in Tanzania to discourage lion killings, building a well in India to provide clean drinking water, and more.

Watch Namunganga’s story here!

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