New conservation policy focus and concerns about the WH biofuel rule

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“But Biden’s plan, like other options to stall rising gas prices, isn’t likely to have a big impact if enacted. Only 2,300 US gas stations—about 1.5% of the country’s roughly 150,000 fueling stations—sell E15 gas. The remaining 98.5% of gas stations may not have the proper equipment (pdf) to safely store E15. What impact would that have? Refueling with E15 would knock about 10 cents off the average US gas price of $4.20 per gallon. Applying those savings to sales at the 1.5% of US gas carrying E15 fuel, and the average national gas price could fall by around 0.2 cents per gallon. That would, In a best-case scenario, lower the national average to about $4.19 per gallon.” — Quartz Magazine

In Episode 266 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses her new Policy Focus at Independent Women’s Forum on conservation and the concerns surrounding the Biden White House’s new rule on biofuels like E15 isn’t sustainable for the economy nor the environment.

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Photo Credit: Gabriella Hoffman

  • Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the "District of Conservation" podcast and CFACT's original YouTube series "Conservation Nation." Learn more about her work at

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