Watch how CFACT is using lights to save lions and livestock in Tanzania

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There’s a growing threat to lions in Tanzania and many African nations, and in a way, that threat is the lions themselves.

What does that mean? Well, lions are preying more and more on livestock from towns and villages, prompting humans to retaliate with what are being called “revenge killings” on the lions for destroying their livelihoods. The more the lions feed on the livestock, the more lions are killed by residents.

Enter CFACT, which has been working with conservationist Patricia Vaughn on an innovative solution to the lion-human conflicts. With CFACT’s help, Vaughn and her team travel around to different villages and towns in Tanzania and install flashing lights on the fences of livestock pens, also known as “bomas.”

You can watch the full video about the project here.

These lights keep the lions at bay, and keep the livestock safe. Wherever the lights are placed, the lion attacks stop, meaning the revenge killings stop too.

The project is part of CFACT’s international Stewardship in Action Program. Vaughn and her team, with CFACT’s support, plan to continue to travel around Tanzania and other countries in the region as well, installing lights and helping both people and nature too.

Watch the full video here.

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