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Universal Vaccine Passports In Development By Microsoft, Biden Administration

Liberty Counsel has just reported that the Biden Administration has partnered with Microsoft and IBM (the company that helped the Nazis create their database on Jewish people in WWII) to develop and implement a universal vaccine passport globally and here in the United States. 

The vaccine passport with make it possible to completely segregate the unvaccinated from society and make it impossible for them to even go to the grocery store so they can buy food. This will reportedly come with a nationwide mandatory vaccine push through corporations mandating the vaccine for employment.

Biden's White House has already stated in the past they are working with corporations to push the vaccine onto the general public. In February of 2021, just shy of one year ago, the Biden Administration went to corporations and they decided they were going to collude together to require as many people as possible to take the vaccine.


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Now, with Microsoft and IBM working on a universal COVID vaccine passport, in the form of a smartphone app, many are warning there may be another push for mandatory vaccines from corporations nationwide, which will follow being required to present your vaccine passport to shop, go out, and engage in many freedoms outlined in the Constitution.

But Liberty Counsel isn't the only group that is speaking out about this scheme to end life as we know it. Naomi Wolf, a liberal feminist who worked for both Bill Clinton and Al Gore and runs a technology company herself, commented about the universal vaccine passport the following:

I’m CEO of a tech company. I understand what this platform does. It’s not about the vaccine, it’s not about the virus, it’s about data. And once this rolls out, you don’t have a choice about being part of the system.

What people have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all. They’re trying to roll it out around the world.

It is so much more than a vaccine pass. I can’t stress this enough. It has the power to turn off your life. Or turn on your life. To let you engage in civil society or be marginalized. It’s catastrophic. It cannot be allowed to continue (emphasis added).

This government-private corporation partnership has already begun. In fact, it was reportedly in development for quite some time. The partnership, called the Federal Health IT Coordinating Counsel. The goals of the counsel, as outlined by the Federal Government's own Health IT blog, state:

  • Prioritize resources within an agency
  • Align and coordinate efforts between agencies
  • Signal priorities to the private sector
  • Benchmark and assess progress toward a more interoperable, connected health system

COVID Biometric Microchip?

Additionally, according to The Intercept, Sweden, which is a country that adopts technological advances far sooner than other countries, has developed a vaccine passport microchip that will accomplish the same goal as the Vaccine Passport apps. The Swedish population has already adopted it as some have already installed the chip, according to Fox Business.

According to NNY360, the microchip is made from the same technology that is used in credit and debit cards, and can store a person's payment information, their name, can start their car, and even keep detailed personal information about them, such as a resume.


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