EFF Sends Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose EARN IT

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EFF Sends Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose EARN IT

On Wednesday, February 9, EFF sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to strongly oppose S. 3538, the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2022 (EARN IT Act).

EFF opposed the original and amended versions of this bill in the previous Congress, and our letter outlines our concerns with the reintroduced version of the bill that the sponsors have not addressed.

Given its significant problems and potential vast impact on internet users, we urged the Committee to reject this new bill. This bill will jeopardize the privacy and cybersecurity of every American, and fundamentally alter the freedom of our online communications.

EARN IT is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 10. We need your help! Join more than 12,000 EFF supporters who have contacted their senators so far, and tell your senator that you oppose this fatally flawed bill.

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