WHISTLEBLOWER: Hospitals Are Filing Fake COVID Cases, Purposely INFLATING COVID Case Count

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Whistleblower Comes Forward Finding Fraudulent COVID Case Filing At Hospitals

Project Veritas has just published an interview with a whistleblower who works for UnitedHealthcare of Louisiana, an insurance company part of UnitedHealthcare Group, says she is seeing hospitals file fake COVID cases for free government dough. UnitedHealthcare of Louisiana is the state's Medicaid distribution arm, meaning they handle most Medicaid cases. 

She said her hospital coded vaginal deliveries, car crash victims, and more as COVID patients, regardless of the reason they came to the hospital.

The whistleblower, Jeanne Stagg, whose job is to fact check cases and make sure they are accurate, said he pored over codes and found many cases where people clearly died of other causes but were listed as COVID-19 deaths. She alerted her superiors, with footage Project Veritas has published, and they didn't even investigate it.

Part of the reason for the deliberately inflated cases is that, according to the Chief Medical Officer for United Healthcare of Louisiana, who spoke during the recorded conversations, the government is essentially paying hospitals significantly more money for COVID-19, and the government also approves COVID-19 cases faster than other cases, which means the government gives financial incentive for hospitals to lie about diagnoses.


Some States Have Suspended Payment Reviews For COVID Cases

Additionally, in at least 5 states, utilization review for COVID-19, which is a process where the state government determines the medical necessity of a treatment before approving it, has been completely suspended. This means that hospitals could essentially put anything they want down on paper and there is a significantly lower chance they will be caught for fraud.

Louisiana, Alaska, New York, Georgia, and Massachusetts have all suspended utilization review for COVID-19. 

Essentially, this means there is very little fact-checking going on by the CDC or even state health departments in at least 5 states to ensure these COVID cases are actual COVID cases instead of just fraudulent recordkeeping to get a bigger government handout. 

Considering New York has been one of the biggest hotspots for COVID-19, it is certain the case numbers are likely to have been inflated since there is nobody to fact check it before the significant financial bailout is handed to the hospital.

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