BREAKING: Republican Representative Bill Huizenga Introduces Bill To BAN FACIAL RECOGNITION By The Biden Administration

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Biden Administration Wants Your Face

As news came of the Biden Administration plotting to hold Americans' income tax filing hostage if they use third-party filing companies or software by requiring a facial recognition scan to submit their taxes, Republican Representative Bill Huizinga (MI) introduced a new bill to ban the Biden Administration from using this technology to invade peoples' privacy.

As previously reported, the Biden Administration unhatched a scheme to collect the face, phone type, location data, and more of every American through a mandatory selfie taken on their smartphones and filed electronically along with their tax information if they file with a third party in 2022.


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This information can easily be used to track Americans' locations through facial recognition tracking software installed at state and federal tracking departments across the country. This technology is already in widespread use across the country.


How The Government Uses Metadata In Selfies To Spy On You

However, what few people know is their smartphone pictures contain a lot more information than their face. Encoded within the image itself is deeply personal information such as their location, their phone, their name, their exact GPS location when they took the photo, and more. This metadata is encoded into the photo as part of the file.

So, in effect, the Biden Administration is using the IRS to begin mining the data of hundreds of millions of Americans. However, it doesn't stop there. With new recognition software commonly incorporated by Google and Microsoft, the Federal Government could also determine your shopping habits, your personality type, your hobbies, and more using technology that auto-scans and catalogs anything presented within an image by searching for similar images on the web.

Additionally, through the photos, the Federal Government could create a psychological profile of you based on your facial structure and the things present within the photo to determine your personality, your likes and dislikes, how successful you are, 

This new bill by Representative Huizinga is a win for freedom and privacy and makes it harder for the government to mine your data without your express, voluntary consent. We should not be forced to send in photos of ourselves to help the government track innocent civilians who are going about their daily lives and learn about their shopping habits, living habits,

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