BREAKING: Judicial Watch SUES For SECRET VIDEOS And Emails That NANCY PELOSI IS HIDING Concerning The January 6th False Flag

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Judicial Watch Suing To Obtain Secret Videos Of The January 6th False Flag

In a stunning turn of events, Judicial Watch has sued Congress for secret emails, videos, and communications concerning the January 6th False Flag. The lawsuit came after Nancy Pelosi claimed videos and emails concerning the January 6th False Flag were off limits to researchers trying to get to the truth of what happened.

Nancy Pelosi refused to give up any videos or email transcripts by claiming they fall under "Sovereign Immunity." However, Representatives Jim Banks and Jim Jordan both told Laura Ingraham on a Fox News live interview that Pelosi is really just trying to hide pertinent information about the January 6th False Flag.

You can watch their interview below:

According to Judicial Watch, Nancy Pelosi is burying hours of footage of the event and important communications between the Capitol Police Executive Team, the FBI, and Capitol Police Board. These hidden communications likely contain valuable information being hidden from the American people about what really transpired on January 6h.

What Is Nancy Pelosi Hiding?

Judicial Watch's President, Tom Fitton, commented on the groundbreaking lawsuit, saying "The Pelosi Congress (and its police department) is telling a federal court it is immune from all transparency under law and is trying to hide every second of its January 6 videos and countless emails. The hypocrisy is rich, as this is the same Congress that is trying to jail witnesses who, citing privileges, object to providing documents to the Pelosi Trump January 6 committee."

Previously Judicial Watch had uncovered through other lawsuits that Antifa and Black Lives Matter members planned to infiltrate the January 6th Protest and pose as Trump Supporters so they could sow discord and get Trump Supporters blamed for it.

Judicial Watch-obtained documents found a Capitol Police Intelligence official sent an email citing a Tweet where Antifa and Black Lives Matter members commented saying they would show up to the January 6th rally to cause disturbances.

The new lawsuit will seek to obtain buried emails from January 1st-10th from Capitol Police departments and the FBI in addition to footage of the January 6th False Flag that Nancy Pelosi has buried through her Sovereign Immunity power play.

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