Judge Grants Emergency Restraining Order HALTING FORCED VACCINATION For Navy SEALs Suing The Department Of Defense

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Navy SEALs Challenging Vaccine Mandate Get Another Win

In a new decision, a judge found the Biden Department of Defense broke the law when it refused religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The judge further said the Department of Defense discriminated against filers for the religious discrimination and that the case of two Navy SEALs who are challenging the vaccine mandates is likely to win in court because the Department of Defense provided very little evidence the unvaccinated SEALs would present a danger to the military.

The judge also granted an emergency restraining order on the Department of Defense over the shot mandate for those two soldiers, meaning the Department of Defense cannot force them to take the COVID vaccine. However, Liberty Counsel, the Civil Rights group representing the Navy SEALs, has filed to extend the emergency restraining order to all members of the military, based on the discriminatory actions taken by the Department of Defense as found by the court.


Biden Shot Mandates Losing Steam

This major win comes after the Department of Defense tried to bury information on their religious exemptions until a judge forced them to hand over the documents. The Department of Defense has so far threatened, discharged, and denied appeals for thousands of soldiers requesting religious exemptions to the vaccine.

Liberty Counsel is also involved in a class action vaccine lawsuit against the Biden Administration involving Federal Contractors, members of the U.S. Armed Services, and Federal Employees. Liberty Counsel was instrumental in getting the OSHA mandates dropped and getting restrictions for the vaccine removed in court.

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