BREAKING: Jeff Bezos Lets Employee Get TORTURED IN CHINESE PRISON Over EXPOSING CHILD LABOR AT AMAZON FACILITIES While He Worries About Eggs Being Thrown At His Yacht

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Photo By DonkeyHotey Via Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

After a worker at one of his factories in China came forward and exposed the illegal working conditions at Bezos's factories over there, Bezos couldn't be bothered, and instead let the employee rot in Chinese prison for two years. Now the employee is appealing the decision.

But while Jeff Bezos couldn't be bothered with the plight of his workers in China, his current most important struggle is making sure people don't throw eggs at his Yacht in the Netherlands. 

The whistleblower, Tang Mingfang, came forward exposing how Amazon's facilities are illegally working their employees. And rather than be rewarded for it, Bezos and China both decided locking him up and reportedly torturing him was a much better choice.

This issue was so shocking that even the Federal Government has gotten involved, with the Congressional-Executive Commission on China voicing their displeasure at Bezos' activities toward this employee of one of his factories.

In the letter they urge Bezos to get the worker out of jail and pay him for the torture and jail time he endured. The worst part was, his crime reportedly wasn't disobeying a government law. It wasn't anything that could be considered capital punishment. All he did was leak classified Amazon documents. That is what led to his torture.

The Chinese government hit him and placed him in stress positions until the pain was too unbearable for him and he signed his "confession" of leaking classified documents. Tortured into admitting a crime.

And what did Bezos do? Did he defend his employee? Did he promise to reform his company? No. He let him rot.


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