BREAKING: DURHAM TESTIMONY: FBI Contractors, NOT RUSSIANS, Hacked Into Trump White House, Stole Compromising Information WORKING FOR HILLARY CLINTON

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Durham Indicts Michael Sussman, Who Was Working With FBI Cybersecurity Experts To Hack Into Trump White House And Trump Tower

In an explosive new report over at The Hill, it is revealed that a government contractor who worked with the FBI hacked the Trump White House servers to obtain "damaging information" about President Trump.




The government contractor, who has been leaked to be Rodney Joffe, an internet entrepreneur who owns a web server company, and worked as one of the four experts that surveyed the bogus Russia hack into Trump Tower, hacked into the White House Servers using his government access to gather "compromising" information on President Trump.

According to The Hill:

John Durham, the special counsel appointed by former President Trump to investigate the FBI's probing of Russian interference in the 2016 election, alleged in court that a tech executive "exploited" access to White House data in order to find damning information about Trump.

In a court filing submitted Friday, Durham's office said that the executive, who is referred to in legal filings only as "Tech Executive-1" but has been identified in news reports as Rodney Joffe, used his company's access to nonpublic government domain name system (DNS) data through a pending cybersecurity contract as he was analyzing supposed links between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank.


Trump "Witch Hunt" Comments Proven True

At the time he was also allegedly a client of Hillary Clinton, who according to Durham, was trying to find compromising information on the President. Joffe, therefore, allegedly lied to FBI investigators when he said he wasn't a client of anyone when they originally interviewed him.

Durham's testimony, which can be downloaded here from Court Listener, is quite damnng for both Clinton and the FBI at large. Because not only does it indict an expert working for the FBI during the original investigation, but it also indicts many more tech companies.

On Page 3 of the document it states:

The Indictment also alleges that, beginning in approximately July 2016, Tech Executive-1 had worked with the defendant, a U.S. investigative firm retained by Law Firm-1 on behalf of the Clinton Campaign, numerous cyber researchers, and employees at multiple Internet companies to assemble the purported data and white papers. In connection with these efforts, Tech Executive-1 exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data. Tech Executive-1 also enlisted the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract. Tech Executive-1 tasked these researchers to mine Internet data to establish “an inference” and “narrative” tying then-candidate Trump to Russia. In doing so, Tech Executive-1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain “VIPs,” referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton Campaign.

Numerous cyber researchers, FBI contractors, and multiple internet companies all colluded against President Trump at the behest of Hillary Clinton, one of the members of the group of people working together to implement the One World Government

When President Trump called the Russian Investigation a Witch Hunt, he was right. And now Durham's testimony proves it.


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