Biden Plans To Use The IRS To Collect The Biometric Information Of Every American Through Tax Form Submissions

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No Facial Scan? No Tax Information.

The Biden Administration Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plans to "improve" your taxpayer experience by requiring your biometric information. Beginning in June, you will be required to submit a "selfie" to a private contractor for facial recognition in order to obtain your taxpayer information.

This is an agency that was uncovered to have been targeting Conservatives before the Supreme Court demanded they stop. Additionally, this is an agency that communicates using fax machines rather of more current techniques such as email. Not to mention that the IRS had over 35 million unprocessed returns at the close of the last filing season. How are they going to manage this new biometric technology? The IRS is the farthest thing from the entity that the American people might want access to their sensitive biometric information.

Thankfully, there has already been unprecedented resistance from both sides of the aisle. Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat, stated his concern:

This is a very, very bad idea by the IRS. It will further weaken Americans’ privacy. . . . The IRS needs to reverse this Big Brother tactic, now. 

Another Democrat Senator had a similar sentiment. Senator Ron Wyden reportedly posted on Twitter:

I’m very disturbed that Americans may have to submit to a facial recognition system, wait on hold for hours, or both, to access personal data on the IRS website. While e-filing returns remain unaffected, I’m pushing the IRS for greater transparency on this plan.

The Biden Administration Agenda Laid Bare

Ric Grenell, Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy at the ACLJ and former Acting Director of National Intelligence, noted the Biden Administration's duplicity in making this move:

the headline is that the Biden Administration is admitting that IDs are important for security. Think about that. Where else do we need ID’s? Maybe the voting booth, maybe elections.

But when the Biden team is telling Americans that you have to have facial recognition in order to deal with the IRS or get pertinent information from the IRS because it is the only secure way, why is the Biden Administration against showing an ID in order to vote?

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