BREAKING: Biden Is Compiling A Religious Database TO DENY JOBS, BLACKLIST, And Possibly REFUSE MEDICAL CARE To Unvaccinated Religious Adherents

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Are You In Biden's Religious Database?

Liberty Counsel and Faith and Liberty D.C. has identified at least 57 rule changes in 55 federal departments and agencies that have resulted in the establishment of a new, permanent government database for tracking religious employees and applicants seeking exemptions. Religious exemption applications are not restricted to COVID injections in certain institutions. The list is being maintained to keep track of any requests for religious exemptions, and is a chilling Deja Vu for Holocaust survivors.

While these new rules vary in certain ways, they nevertheless raise serious concerns about privacy and freedom in America in the 21st century. All the departments listed must maintain a record of religious and medical exemptions in a database.


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These databases can be used to refuse employment or to discriminate against religious applicants for federal government positions. It can be used to keep someone from being hired, promoted, or transferred. It may even be used to downgrade recommendations for government employees seeking private sector employment.


Database To Blacklist You From Employment, Food, Housing?

The databases can also be used to justify firing someone, as the United States Army stated On February 2, 2022, it will immediately start discharging soldiers who lack vaccine shots.  These troops will be disqualified from separation pay and may even be forced to refund educational and training expenses! When they apply for a government position, the applicant's name might be "blacklisted" on the list.

The Army, the largest department of the US military, was the first Federal department Liberty Counsel identified as launching this new initiative in April 2021. However, they are not happy with just recording their employees' "religious preferences. Instead, they are combining this data with biometric information such as fingerprints and digital photos.


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The Office of Inspector General of the Federal Housing Finance Agency is tracking employees, government contractors, visitors to their premises, and even attendees at certain events. Other departments are compiling records on former and current employees, as well as all applicants. Certain federal plans call for the sharing of information with other government agencies. These lists will result in the creation of a full dossier on each religious person.

The Treasury Department stated that it will log all requests and rejections and will keep track of each individual's "informal dispute resolution." Additionally, it will forever record "correspondence," "supporting notes and documentation," and even "records of oral conversations" for anyone who requests an exception.

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