A Nurse Is Suing CVS Pharmacy For Firing Her For Supporting Family Values

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Not woke? Go broke!

A nurse with advanced degrees who worked for CVS Pharmacy for 6 1/2 years is now suing the company after they fired her for refusing to hand out birth control pills. Now, she is suing with the pharmaceutical giant claiming they fired her for religious discrimination. 

CVS Pharmacy allowed her to hand out contraceptives for years under an older policy that made accommodations for religious beliefs. However, they recently changed their policy in late 2021 and fired the nurse as a response.


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To make matters worse, the woman did not try to impede customers from buying birth control. When customers asked for some she would direct them to her colleagues and they would fill the prescriptions.

To CVS, it seems religious beliefs don't matter, which is a common theme among "woke" companies these days. Between vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and the push by the socialists to make vaccine hesitant people into terrorists, there is an all-out war on anyone who disagrees with the "woke" cult.


Religious Freedon Under Attack By Biden

The Biden Administration recently released a terrorism bulletin claiming anyone who disagrees with whatever the government says is true is a terrorist spreading disinformation


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Anti-vaxxers were the primary target of the terrorism bulletin, but the bulletin also decried those who seek to challenge the government narrative on "zero election fraud in the 2020 election" and other blatant lies shoveled into Anericans' media digestion tract concerning vaccines as threats to national security.

Imagine that. In a country that prides itself on freedom and justice and civil rights, the government is labeling free speech a terrorism threat and creating dossiers on every religious employee and even randomm people who show up for events with the purpose of blacklisting or firing them. How is this different from Communist China? Or the USSR or Nazi Germany of times past?


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