Nord Stream 2’s impact on the European Union, NATO, and the U.S

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There is a real possibility, the European Union (EU) will endure major fuel shortages this winter. Record-high electricity prices are currently the norm with no end in-sight. Russian President Vladimir Putin astutely understands the EU heavily relies on Russian natural gas, which Nord Stream 1 and now 2 (NS2) natural gas pipeline will provide. This $11 billion line to double the capacity of Russian natural gas to the German coast spanning 764 miles under the Baltic Sea will be used as a geopolitical leverage point against Ukraine, Poland, NATO, the EU, and most of all – Germany – the largest economy in the EU.

Germany continues their “disastrousEnergiewende transition to a low-carbon or net zero future by shutting down reliable, resilient and affordable natural gas, coal and nuclear. In early 2021 German federal government auditors found the “country would need to spend over $600 billion between 2020 to 2025 to maintain grid reliability.” This on top of the $580 billion already spent by the Germans on Energiewende while closing the Brokdorf, Grohnde and Gundremmingen zero-carbon nuclear reactors on December 31, 2021.

Instead the Germans and EU are opting for intermittent, grossly expensive, land-gouging, and dangerous industrial wind and solar farms for baseload electrical generation. Make no mistake – we are a fossil fuel world. If Germany doesn’t change, blackouts are its future. Same for the EU. As energy analyst Vaclav Smil says:

Energy transitions are protracted affairs: large-scale energy conversions are still dominated by prime movers and processes invented during the 1880s or during the 1930s and no techniques currently under development can rival any of those conversion during the coming two to three decades.”

The Germans and EU have created a geopolitical nightmare for every EU member-state, NATO, and the U.S. by following net-zero dogma, allowing Putin to dictate whether the Europeans are going to receive enough Russian natural gas to heat their countries this winter. The U.S. state Texas whose blackout in mid-February 2021 should make the EU realize the foolishness of relying on renewables, the push for net-zero or attempting to electrify entire economies. This will only lead to energy poverty, death, and the demise of European security backstopped by NATO.

NATO whose original intent was to keep the Russians out of Europe, now is beholden to Gazprom, the Kremlin-owned oil and natural gas firm and majority owner of NS2. Putin weaponizes his energy resources to further Russian interests, fund his military to invade countries such as Ukraine, and uses military alliances with China to threaten the post-World War II liberal-led order. With NS2 the EU led by the Germans have allowed Russia a foothold into Europe that hasn’t been seen since World War II using natural gas over military arsenals. If natural gas is a soft power weapon, then Russia is the new kingmaker of Europe.

Add to the fact the U.S. is being led by the most anti-fossil fuel, energy “clueless” administration since hydrocarbons came into widespread use during the Industrial Revolution. The U.S. President is also against sanctions on NS2 and Russian weaponized energy actions.

The new dawn of the weaponization of energy is now blanketing the EU, NATO, and the U.S. The EU’s full blown energy crisis is of their own making. Europeans have recklessly pursued a green agenda without clearly defined goals and objectives. Malthusian-inspired environmental activists now dictate energy policy. Caring for the environment has turned into authoritarianism.

The EU’s energy meltdown leading to NS2 reliance is obvious:

Underinvestment in hydrocarbon production, overinvestment in weather-dependent renewables, premature shuttering of its (EU’s) coal and nuclear power plants, and overdependence on imported natural gas, particularly from Russia.”

These variables allow Russia a stranglehold on EU energy policies, livelihoods, and viability. Europe’s energy catastrophe is quickly becoming a permanent fixture, “which will devastate its economy,” way of life, and decimate NATO. But why has this taken place?

A sensible environmentalist from America, Michael Shellenberger has nailed the German psychosis destroying the EU, NATO, and the continuation of America in European affairs. The German renewable Energiewende experiment is over the guilt of the Holocaust and World War II. If the Germans can save the world from global warming and climate change then the Germans have gone from being world destroyers to world saviors. The German publication Handelsblatt echoed this sentiment along with author Ramez Naam. Naam breathlessly said, “the real impact of German (renewable) subsidies was to drive down the cost of wind and solar for the whole world and enable future global deployment.”

Shellenberger takes Germany’s national breakdown further when stating the German Energiewende “has always been about returning the world to Germany’s pre-Holocaust and pre-Industrial past than taking the world into a post-fossil fuels future.” German historian Rolf Sieferle’s book Finis Germania thesis explored the Germans committing national suicide over their guilt and shame over the Holocaust and following a Jew-hating, merciless madman. Sieferle understood German progressive ideals and cosmopolitan attitude was one step away from re-opening concentration camps and raping and pillaging an entire continent and world.

Auschwitz has collectively never left the German psyche and is taking down the EU, NATO and leading to the possible use of the US’ nuclear arsenal to keep the Russians out of Europe. This is no longer about a natural gas pipeline, but the collective security of the entire framework of why the world has never prospered the way it has since the end of WWII and the Cold War.

The US and NATO will pay the price for the EU cozying up to the Russians led by the Germans. Exploding gas prices and debilitating gas shortages are the new norm to assuage German guilt. NS2 has revealed the tendency for gas and energy prices to swing widely on a whim or even prompted by “off-hand remarks from one man: Vladimir Putin.” Either energy reality overtakes the EU, NATO and the US or Russia will. That’s the choice, the day of child-like decision-making is over.

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