True conservationists should oppose 30×30 in 2022 (ft. Margaret Byfield)

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“The last time I counted, we had over 120 counties across the nation that have filed resolutions to oppose 30 by 30. So, you know, there’s some circles where it hasn’t really reached the reached.  I think the educational process where people are aware of it as to what it really is. But those areas that have been educated are absolutely opposed to this.” — Margaret Byfield, executive director of American Stewards for Liberty

In Episode 237 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes American Stewards for Liberty executive director Margaret Byfield to the program. Margaret came on to discuss her background in property rights, Endangered Species Act reforms, and fighting 30×30 – the misleading initiative to conserve public waters and lands by 2030. Margaret goes into great detail about the dubious nature of the proposal, the grassroots movement that has resulted, and why true conservationists should put this policy high on their list in 2022. 

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