The Sham of Biden’s Democracy Summit

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With his two-day “Democracy Summit” last week, President Biden continues renewed efforts by the U.S. national-security establishment to revive its old Cold War racket against China and Russia. The purpose of the summit, of course, was to highlight the fact that the United States has a democratic political system while China and Russia, who were not invited to participate in the summit, do not. 

Biden’s democracy summit, however, is one great big sham. That’s because for all practical purposes, the U.S. has a one-party political system, just like China does. 

Oh, yes, I know about the Democrats and the Republicans. And yes, I know, those two parties make it look like the United States is a two-party system. 

But the reality is that it’s just one party — the Welfare-Warfare Party, which is divided into two competing wings — the Democrats and Republicans.

Consider the NFL. It is one league divided into two conferences — the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

That’s the same principle in America’s political system — one political party — the Welfare-Warfare Party — divided into two wings — the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.

How do we know that it’s one political party? Because they stand for the same overall philosophy and the same programs. Their fight is over reform and control.

Some examples: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schooling, education grants, stimulus monies, farm subsidies, trade wars, immigration controls, drug laws, welfare, economic regulations, minimum-wage laws, antitrust laws, Pentagon, military-industrial complex, CIA, NSA, state-sponsored assassinations, torture, mass secret surveillance, foreign interventions, coups, alliances with dictatorial regimes, foreign aid, and regime-change operations.

Democrats and Republicans alike are firmly committed to all those statist programs.

As far as its overall philosophy is concerned, the Welfare-Warfare Party can be described as favoring socialism, interventionism, imperialism, and national-security statism.

Now, consider what this one-party system does to any potential competitors. They do everything they can to suppress them. 

Consider, for example, the Libertarian Party, which opposes all of the above-listed programs as well as the overall economic and political philosophy of the Democrats and Republicans. Libertarians stand in favor of economic liberty, free markets, and a limited government republic, all of which are anathema to Democrats and Republicans. 

To ensure that that the Libertarian Party is not able to effectively compete, the Welfare-Warfare Party imposes anti-competitive barriers in the form of petitioning requirements as well as strict limits on the amount of money any individual donor can contribute to political candidates.

Those barriers are sometimes higher and sometimes lower, but their purpose is always the same — to protect the monopoly political position of the Welfare-Warfare Party. 

The Democrats and Republicans say that with their petitioning requirements, they are just trying to protect American voters from getting confused over too many candidates. Well, that doesn’t say very much about America’s public-schooled voters, does it? If voters get confused  having to choose from too many candidates, maybe it’s time to abolish public schooling, an institution which, by the way, is part of China’s and Russia’s system too.

In fact, so are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, trade restrictions, economic controls, national-security statism, torture, assassinations, alliances with dictatorial regimes, and other programs favored by America’s Welfare-Warfare Party. 

Moreover, consider the U.S. government’s torture and prison center in Cuba. With its system of torture, indefinite detention, denial of trial by jury, denial of due process of law, and denial of speedy trial, it’s a mirror image of the judicial system in China.

How’s that for a bit of hypocritical irony? 

By limiting the amount of money people can contribute to political campaigns, the Welfare-Warfare Party ensures that a few millionaire donors cannot contribute, say, a million dollars to the Libertarian Party candidate for federal office. That’s how Eugene McCarthy was able to fund his insurgency campaign against incumbent President Lyndon Johnson. Seeing what McCarthy was able to do, the Welfare-Warfare Party, which has a much wider base of donors to draw upon, enacted campaign-finance “reforms” to ensure that that never happened again.

Of course, the Welfare-Warfare Party permits millionaire candidates for federal office to spend whatever they want from their own money, which essentially equates to making million-dollar donations to their own campaign. 

How’s that for another bit of hypocritical irony?

For a true democratic system, we need to abolish all petitioning requirements and let as many people run for office as desired. Also, we need to eliminate all campaign-finance laws, leaving people free to donate whatever amount of money they want to political candidates. 

For a truly free society, Americans need to reject the statism of the Welfare-Warfare Party and embrace the libertarian philosophy and libertarian principles.

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