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For those of us who stand for freedom, a perilous year looms before us.

The Left controls the White House and both houses of Congress by the slimmest margins.  They have but one year to to ram their radical agenda through and they mean to do it.  They intend to wreak great harm to our energy economy in the name of climate.

CFACT is prepared to fight back, but  we need your support.

CFACT is uniquely effective at taking the facts the Left fears and the media ignores and making them known.  We offer cutting-edge insight and analysis, but also continually inject primary source material and unedited hard data into the discussion.  This the Left dare not do.  The facts destroy them.

With your help CFACT is wrapping up a highly effective year.  We barnstormed the UN climate conference in Glasgow.  Marc Morano, the force behind our incredibly successful Climate Depot news service, constantly shared the hard facts on global warming online, in print and on the air.  CFACT student leaders confronted the fortress of indoctrination our universities have become and opened a multitude of young eyes. CFACT scholars shared vital facts, insight and analysis with millions.  CFACT’s ground-breaking feature films Climate Hustle I and II reached vast new audiences.  CFACT presented expert testimony in the halls of government.  CFACT helped struggling villagers advance themselves and protected wildlife — even lions!

Help CFACT meet the new year ready for battle.  Your essential end-of-year donation is fully tax deductible.  There is no finer cause to fund than freedom.

The Left seeks to remake America into someplace unrecognizable — a people without all that pesky individual freedom and responsibility — a nation without prosperity and the power to defend what’s right.

CFACT’s success depends completely on support from our friends.  We couldn’t do it without you.  We couldn’t even try.  The good news is you’re the best.  CFACT has the most dedicated and loyal group of friends and supporters we could possibly ask for.  Thank you all.

Please make the most generous tax deductible year-end gift you can right now, jump-start CFACT into 2022, and stand for freedom together.

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