Herschel Walker Destroys Democrat Smear Campaign In Stunning Interview

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Black Republican Candidate Herschel Walker spoke with Axios about running for office, mental health issues, and responded to some made-up charges of sexual harassment.

In the interview, Axios asked him about his relationship with his ex-wife, to which he responded "I'm always accountable to whatever I've ever done. And that's what I tell people: I'm accountable to it." But he added that "people can't just make up and add on and say other things that's not the truth. They want me to address things that they made up."

This comes as leftist and mainstream outlets attempt to smear him by alleging he is admitting he broke the law and assaulted multiple women either sexually or physically.

According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a fellow Republican whose mother suffered from bipolar disorder, Walker's decision to address his background would "defeat any effort to smear him."

Following the interview, Walker's campaign spokesperson indicated that he was refuting earlier allegations of threatening conduct by two other women.

Walker also claimed in the Axios interview that if elected, he would work to expand mental health resources across health care, law enforcement, and the military.

While some Republicans were initially concerned about the charges, GOP leaders have mostly embraced Walker's campaign. Walker joined the Senate race in August after months of support from former President Trump, who backed Walker for the Republican nomination immediately.

Walker is largely considered the Republican front-runner in the election to replace Warnock, who won his Senate seat in a runoff election earlier this year and is seeking his first full term in 2022.

Georgia's Senate race is one of the most closely fought in the next midterm election cycle, and one of just a handful that might decide the upper chamber's power balance in 2022. 

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