COP 26: Trillions for tribute — CFACT defends

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We found out yesterday at COP 26 what John Kerry meant when he pledged “trillions” of dollars to the UN climate regime.

He meant not only direct spending of tax money, but also the largest shakedown of the financial industry in history.  That’s right, the bureaucrats at COP 26 are pushing the people who manage your investments, for your retirement and everything else, to forget about you, their client.  Instead they intend to use your nest egg to subsidize inefficient industries and cut solid energy companies off from finance!

This is an outrageous abuse of government power that must not be allowed.


CFACT continues to push back against false climate narratives with facts.  CFACT’s Pete Murphy stood up at a forum by the World Meteorological Organization and asked the official question on behalf of the assembled NGO observers.  Pete asked about the impact CO2 has on increasing crop yields and greening the Earth.  They responded with full denial!  CO2 to them is universally bad.  They seem to be blissfully unaware that they were exhaling CO2 when they said so, or that they themselves are largely made from carbon, captured by plants from atmospheric CO2!  How’s that for denying science?



CFACT featured prominently in a “climate reality forum,” sponsored by the Heartland Institute, where we were joined by Lord Christopher Monckton, whose Scotland roots run deep.  We hammered home our surprise at the fine job Greta Thunberg did by labeling world leaders’ virtue-signaling speeches at the COP as so much “blah, blah, blah.”  To ensure no one missed the point, we emblazoned “Scoldilocks'” “blah, blah, blah” on a banner and marched it before the COP in full kilt and regalia… joined by the Loch Ness monster himself!


Check out this woman’s “feminist climate justice” mask.  How much woke foolishness can you encapsulate in one photo?  That we should surrender to Socialists who misuse the term “justice” as code for redistribution and control? That government should require us to filter out a virus with masks that don’t filter?  That the weather should be used to push radical feminism?  As many wags have summed up the social justice warrior climate spin, “world ends, women and minorities hardest hit.”

CFACT’s Marc Morano picked up a new “honor” when he was named “Digital Hater No. 1” by a British leftist group calling itself the “Center for Countering Digital Hate.”  Apparently correcting the record on false statements about the weather is now “hate speech” which must be censored and suppressed.


If the left truly wants to see who has hate in their hearts they should look in the mirror.


Thank you to all of CFACT’s friends who stepped up to make our work at the UN climate

conference in Glasgow such a big success.  We couldn’t do it without you.  It is clear that global warming has become the favorite ploy of everyone seeking to convert our free economy into an inefficient, command and control nightmare of mandates, subsidies and redistribution.  The public needs to know what “Team Climate” is up to and someone needs to hit back with facts and good sense.  That someone is CFACT, supported ably by you. Please make the strongest gift you can right now.  Thank you!

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