COP 26: Socialists in the streets

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In the streets of Glasgow the forces of Socialism have dropped all pretense and are waging a full scale assault on our individual rights and freedoms.

Watch this video CFACT shot and hear them in their own words.

“We are Socialists.  I am a Socialist.  We are Socialists from all over the world,” said one marcher.

“The problem is capitalism,” said another.  “It is this particular economic system that provides massive wealth inequality and that destroys the environment.”  “What do we need to replace capitalism with?” I asked.  “Socialism,” he replied.

“Stopping car travel.  Go back to bicycles and horseback, really. Go back to simpler times,” is the prescription offered by another marcher.  Life in those “simpler times” has been described as “nasty, brutish and short.”  Socialists should be careful what they wish for.

Look well upon the faces of the Left.  Hear them out.  They are dangerous.  They are destructive.  You know them and so do I.  CFACT considers it vital that we expose their shameless exploitation of climate change to push their sorry Socialist agenda.  The Left’s assault on freedom must be stopped.

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