CFACT’s Morano on Fox & Friends: UN lecturing Texas on energy and prosperity is “absurd”

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CFACT’s Marc Morano appeared on Fox & Friends to respond to comments from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who said that Texas will have to be “less dependent on oil and gas” in the future in order to be “prosperous.”

Morano responded: “The United Nations knows nothing about how to be prosperous. That’s the first point. The man who made these comments the Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez is the former president of Socialist International. So when you put that together the United Nations particularly their climate agenda, trying to siphon off 100 billion dollars a year from the developed world to give to the developing world as some kind of wealth transfer is telling Texas how to be prosperous is absolutely absurd, ridiculous.”

The full segment can be seen here.

  • CFACT, founded in 1985 by Craig Rucker and the late (truly great) David Rothbard, examines the relationship between human freedom, and issues of energy, environment, climate, economics, civil rights and more.

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