CFACT message delivered to young and old in Minnesota

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CFACT President Craig Rucker delivered a pair of talks to people young and old in Minnesota this week.

On Tuesday, Rucker addressed crowd of over 100 people for about an hour on the dangers of the Biden climate agenda and Green New Deal. Invited by the Minneapolis GOP seniors, CFACT’s president lambasted the

administration’s anti-energy agenda that included cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, placing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases, and roping the United States back into the ill-conceived Paris climate agreement.

On Wednesday he followed this up with another talk delivered to the CFACT student chapter at the University of Minnesota. There he lectured on the Committee’s philosophy of addressing environmental issues through the lenses of free markets, sounds science and securing property rights to some two dozen activists in attendance.

“It was pretty cool to hear our CFACT president give an overview of the group’s mission, especially to the incoming freshmen to the club. We have a lot of plans this coming semester to make an impact on our campus, and this talk no doubt energized everyone,” said club leader Kirby Gibson.

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