Ronn Neff RIP

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After several months in the hospital battling Covid-19, The Future of Freedom Foundation’s longtime copy editor Ronn Neff passed away last evening. Ronn was 72. The news came in the form of an email from Ronn’s longtime good friend Tom McPherren.

Ronn has been FFFs copy editor for more than 25 years. But he was more than just an editor. He one of the most committed, passionate, knowledgeable, and principled libertarians you’d ever encounter. 

That meant that he fully understood FFF’s mission from the day he started proofing for us: to present a principled, uncompromising case for the libertarian philosophy. 

Thus, Ronn would always read our articles not only with grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in mind but also with making certain that we did not inadvertently publish compromises of libertarian philosophy. He was invaluable to us. 

Ronn was not only well-versed in libertarianism, he also had a wide breadth of knowledge in history, philosophy, religion, and many other subjects. That knowledge sure came in handy whenever our articles touched on those areas. 

On the personal side, Ronn was one of the most devout Catholics I have ever met. In fact, he served as a spiritual guide for one of FFF’s supporters.

We sure will miss you, Ronn. You ran the good race. Now, rest in peace.

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