FBI COUNTER-TERRORISM AGENT: Muslim Passenger Attempts To Storm Airplane Cockpit, Shouts "allah"

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Editor's note: This article was reprinted with permission from Christian News Journal

A JetBlue flight leaving Boston airport and heading toward San Juan, Puerto Rico was the subject of an intense struggle with a Muslim assailant who attacked multiple crew members and tried to storm the airplane cockpit, an FBI counter-terrorism agent said in an affidavit

The assailant is identified as Khalil El Dahr. According to the affidavit, the Muslim assailant nearly choked one crewmember to death while punching and kicking other crewmembers. It ultimately took 7 crewmembers and multiple makeshift restraints to finally restrain the angered Muslim assailant. 

According to the affidavit, the attack started when Dahr had a phone call that made him angry. As a response, he attacked the crewmembers demanding they shoot him and then, when one of the crewmembers opened the airplane cockpit's door, for reasons unexplained by the affidavit, attempted to storm the cockpit. During the attacks on the crew and assailment of cockpit, Dahr nearly choked one crewmember to death by yanking on his tie and tried to kick another crewman in the chest to gain leverage and escape into the cockpit before he could be subdued. 

Multiple passengers claim they heard Dahr shout "allah" when finally. . .

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