Drilling into the truth behind fracking

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Few things have been demonized by the liberal media as much as the process of hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking,” for oil and natural gas.

To counter the Left’s misinformation on the subject, CFACT has produced a new video of our Conservation Nation YouTube series titled: Drilling into the Truth Behind Fracking. You can watch it here. CFACT’s own Gabriella Hoffman does an excellent job explaining the fracking process,

dispelling misconceptions, and telling the story of those working in the field.

I encourage you to watch the video and share with your friends and family to educate them on the facts!

Fracking led to America’s world-leading CO2 emissions reductions of recent years (if that’s your thing) while also fueling our prior energy independence (until Biden came along, that is).

Fracking achieves the environmentalist’s goal of emissions reductions without heavy-handed growth of government while also fueling human prosperity. Of course, the Left would hate it.

Claims from radical greens that fracking harms health or contaminates ground water are completely unfounded. Fracking proved that technological innovation from the free market is the best solution to our energy future.

Watch the new Conservation Nation video with Gabriella Hoffman, share with your friends, and help us dispel fracking myths.

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