BREAKING: NIH Funding 5 Studies Investigating Link Between COVID Vaccine And Reproductive System Problems

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The NIH has just authorized 1.6 million dollars to investigate cases of women claiming the COVID vaccine messed with their period schedules, The Boston Globe reports.

The studies were reportedly spurred by reporting by The Washington Post on women who reported having irregular problems with their periods after getting the vaccine. The Washington Post spoke to the women and reported their stories.

The money will go toward five studies with a combined total of 400-500,000 participants; the studies will be conducted at Harvard Medical School, John's Hopkins University, and other reputable research centers.

According to The Boston Globe:

The year-long studies will exclusively incorporate participants who have not yet been vaccinated - both those who intend to be as well as those who don't - to be able to study possible changes to their menstrual cycle before and after vaccination, Bianchi [director of the NIH's Institute of Child Health and Human Development] said.

Our goal is to provide menstruating people with information, mainly as to what to expect, because I think that was the biggest issue: Nobody expected it to affect the menstrual system, because the information wasn't being collected in the early vaccine studies," said Bianchi. . .

This comes as the VAERS database, the database used by the CDC to track potential vaccine side effects, recently surpassed 2 million reports of side effects from the COVID vaccines. Thousands of reports were for heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. Additionally, there have been reported cases of blindness and deafness from the COVID vaccines.

The reports include:

  • 75,490 fevers 
  • 68,638 cases of chills
  • 26,549 cases of difficulty breathing
  • 9,987 tremors
  • 5,400 reported deaths 
  • 1,686 heart attacks
  • 13,327 cases of COVID-19.

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