BREAKING: Groundbreaking Study Finds Ivermectin REDUCES COVID Deaths By Up To 86%

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A groundbreaking meta-analysis preprint that looked at 64 studies on Ivermectin has found that the Nobel-Prize-winning drug has a recovery rate of up to 86% in early treatment and 48% for those on mechanical ventilators who received the treatment later in the COVID treatment process.

The study, which looked at both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed studies found that Ivermectin reduced mortality in virtually every treatment stage and was highly successful in both treating and PREVENTING COVID-19.

According to the meta-analysis:

• Meta analysis using the most serious outcome reported shows 68% [52‑78%] and 86% [75‑92%] improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis, with similar results after exclusion based sensitivity analysis and restriction to peer-reviewed studies or Randomized Controlled Trials. 

 • Statistically significant improvements are seen for mortality, ventilation, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance. 29 studies show statistically significant improvements in isolation.  

The meta-analysis also found Ivermectin is 96% effective in preventing COVID-19. However, the meta-analysis only looked at two studies that investigated this, so further studies will be needed to confirm whether this is true.

The meta-analysis also notes that Ivermectin may not be 100% effective and many times is used alongside other drugs to help aid in recovery. However, the meta-analysis also notes that the chance of negative bias toward Ivermectin would have to be a 1 in 222 billion chance.

America's Frontline Doctors, an organization that provides COVID-19 treatment to people who cannot afford it, uses Ivermectin as a standard treatment for COVID-19 and has found it works to treat and prevent COVID-19.

They state on their website:

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) has been recommending Ivermectin as a safe and effective COVID-19 therapy for many months. We do not suggest that Ivermectin is a cure for COVID-19 or can absolutely prevent an individual from contracting the virus. However, in study after study, Ivermectin has been associated with improved health outcomes in both COVID-symptomatic patients and those using the drug as a preventive therapy. 

The FDA, however, has not approved Ivermectin as a standard treatment, just like with Dexamethasone, which the UK has been using to treat 19 out of 20 early detection COVID cases successfully.

Before taking any COVID-19 treatment, consult your doctor to see if any treatment method is right for you. The Washington Gazette does not recommend or endorse taking any treatment for any medical disease or ailment without consulting your primary care physician first.

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