ANTIFA Members ATTACK Vaccine Mandate Protesters, FIRE SHOTS AT Proud Boy

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Antifa members used violence against a group of vaccine mandate protesters at a protest at the state capitol in Olympia, Washington, the New York Post reports. Antifa members caught wind of a vaccine protest at the state's capitol and a couple dozen reportedly decided to crash it.

The Antifa assailants, who were trying to disperse the protesters, were met with the protesters' security forces team which included one Proud Boys member. As the security team chased away the Antifa assailants, one took out a 9mm and fired five shots into the direction of the security team, injuring Tusitala Toese.

You can watch the shooting for yourself below: [WARNING: DISTURBING]

According to Washington Examiner, the Antifa shooter was arrested and charged with first-degree assault with a deadly weapon. His bail is set at $100,000.

This isn't the first major protest as a response to Biden's vaccine mandates. In fact, vaccine mandate protests nationwide have been organized in response to Biden's invasive and scientifically unnecessary vaccine order. Members include nurses who would rather have COVID than get vaccinated with the experimental vaccine shots.

Additionally, multiple security guards turned violent against a mask protester in California and dragged him on the ground. They also pepper sprayed others. The police had to be called due to the unrest. However, no arrests were made.

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