MSNBC Accidentally Reported One Major Thing About President Trump That Has Democrats Worried Sick About 2024

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In a new article on MSNBC, titled "What it takes for Trump to hear boos at a rally in Alabama," MSNBC went into overdrive to twist a single boo at a Trump rally into a railing criticism of how it's bad Trump is doing amazing among hundreds of millions of Americans. Mind you, this comes as Biden's approval rating has plummeted to new lows even in the pro-Biden polls.

In the article, MSNBC takes aim at President Trump for having such stellar popularity that he "enjoys an almost religious reverence among his diehard supporters," and that this was a supposed problem for the president when he mentioned getting the COVID vaccine in passing and the crowd booed the vaccine.

Apparently, to MSNBC, a President should only be praised when he steals an election, lets billions of dollars' worth of advanced military equipment get seized by an international terrorist group, and systematically dismantles any semblance of border security to let criminals who are evading arrest in Central America just waltz into the United States.

Apparently, to MSNBC, supporters shouldn't love a President who headed the most successful economy in our nation's history, brokered historic peace agreements in the Middle East, was the first president ever to gain the respect of China AND Russia, all while only accepting $1 a year as President.

It's no wonder nobody attends liberal rallies anymore. Who wants to cheer on a failure? The Democrat Party failed. They failed so miserably they needed to rig the election with the help of China, billionaires, the mainstream media, social media, and even collusion over rewriting the election laws to remove Trump from office. He was THAT popular of a president because he was THAT good for America. 

And the fact they still badmouth him and take every minute they can to twist his positions means they still consider him, and the hundreds of millions of Americans who love him, an active threat. If they weren't worried about Biden losing to Trump in 2024, Trump wouldn't still be their biggest boogeyman. But they know the threat to losing in 2024 is real.

While their presidential pick is a failure, stay strong and remember your freedom. Remember what happened on July 4, 1776 and December 15, 1791. Remember what happened when we elected a patriot into the White House, and do what you can to expose the fraud of the 2020 election and donate to organizations suing the Biden administration to defend your rights.

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