More Deaths from Immigration Controls

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Yesterday, there were 10 more deaths arising from America’s system of immigration controls. The undocumented immigrants were killed and another 20 seriously injured when the van in which they were being illegally transported crashed near Encino, Texas. 

The crash came a week after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an order cracking down on the transportation of migrants. Dylan Corbett, the founding director of the Hope Border Institute in El Paso, stated, ““What happened today, you can draw a direct line from that to our policy of deterrence.”

Of course, they aren’t the only ones. According to an article in the New York Times, 13 migrants packed into a S.U.V. died in March when their vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer in California. Two weeks later, eight migrants died in a head-on collision during a 50-mile police chase.

And let’s not forget Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 2-year-old daughter Valeria, both of whom drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to illegally enter the United States to seek a better life. 

All of these deaths and more are caused by America’s system of immigration controls. Without this socialist system (and that is precisely what it is — a socialist system), all those dead people would have been traveling into the United States like normal human beings, just as people travel domestically within the United States, rather than being packed like sardines in vehicles driven by people who couldn’t care less about their well-being.

Whenever a government program is causing the deaths of innocent people, that’s a good sign that that is a no-good, rotten program. Libertarian advocates of immigration controls should take note. So should everyone else.

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