BREAKING: VAERS Database Hits 2.1 MILLION VACCINE ADVERSE REACTIONS From The COVID-19 Vaccine Following FDA Approval

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As the FDA approves the Covid vaccine, VAERS, the CDC's vaccine side effect and complication database, has reached more than 2.1 million reports of adverse effects from the Covid Vaccine. The reports include:

  • 75,490 fevers 
  • 68,638 cases of chills
  • 26,549 cases of difficulty breathing
  • 9,987 tremors
  • 5,400 reported deaths 
  • 1,686 heart attacks
  • 13,327 cases of COVID-19.

Reports also include cases of deafness, difficulty speaking, memory impairment and even amnesia following receiving the Covid vaccine. Some have even gone blind.

This comes as experts paint the vaccine as "safe and effective" and shame anyone who dares question this new vaccine religion, telling them to ignore gobsmackingly large evidence this vaccine is not nearly as safe as these "experts"(some of which are completely made up by China) say it is.

And with more than 5,400 reported deaths following the Covid vaccine, for some, getting the vaccine quite literally could mean choosing whether to live or die. But, you know, "the CDC says. . ." Yeah. Tell it to the families holding the death certificates after their family members died after vaccination, you monsters.

Of course, we now know that anyone who seriously believed "my body my choice" before becoming one of those very vaccine shamers just wanted an excuse to murder a baby so they couldn't be bothered to give up their life after making a VERY WELL INFORMED conscious decision to have sex when they knew full well that possibility of creating a human life was on the table. So, I guess it's fine to murder a defenseless baby but it isn't fine to refuse to harm oneself in any of the ways described above from taking a rather untested vaccine? Get real. Stop being selfish and let people live their lives. Either assert people have bodily autonomy and leave those refusing to get the vaccine alone, or admit you support killing babies and then shut the hell up.

None of this is to shame people into not getting the vaccine, either. I think everyone should read the evidence for themselves and come to their own informed opinion on the matter. Shaming people with emotional blackmail that they are "killing grandma" is hardly anything fitting civilized people. But, on the flipside, telling people the vaccine will kill them or make them barren or blind or anything else is also gaslighting the situation. It is very clear these things definitely happen to people, but just because it happens to one person, that doesn't mean it WILL happen to you, too. All it means is that it COULD. And if you are willing to take that risk, then go ahead and do it. But realize many people are not, so leave them alone.

We are adults. Let's discuss things like adults. Adults use their mind. They don't just have hissy fits and throw temper tantrums because someone didn't do what they want. They reason and listen to rational facts. And, the rational fact is that 2.1 million adverse events were reported in the VAERS database for the vaccine, and death is, unfortunately, one of the reported conclusions. Does this mean it will happen to you? No. But it also doesn't mean it WON'T happen to you, either. And, what it doesn't mean is that you are "killing grandma" if you don't get the vaccine.

Grandma is her own person and if she is really concerned about her safety and believes the virus is as deadly as she thinks it is, then she should be taking care of herself and discussing with her doctor how best to mitigate the spread to her. Grandma can ask family members to do her grocery shopping for her. Grandma can use Skype and a phone to talk to loved ones. Grandma can also get the vaccine herself and then be immune is she thinks it works. Grandma can do plenty for herself. Grandma doesn't need everyone else to bend over backwards just so she can buy a few avocados from the local grocery store. Grandma doesn't get to dictate how everyone else runs their lives and demand the whole world put themselves on hold so she can do whatever she wants. 

This is 21st Century America where even McDonald's is delivered to people's houses at all hours of the day and night with contactless delivery. If grandma is truly scared of a virus with a 97% survival rate for everyone 65+, then she should grab some initiative to defend herself and leave people who don't even contact her or go near her on a daily basis alone. There is absolutely nothing stopping grandma from buying a hazmat suit, a gas mask, cleaners, sanitation wipes, etc. There is absolutely nothing stopping grandma from requiring people test negative before visiting her, etc.

But what grandma shouldn't do is tell Todd father of three that unless he gets a potentially dangerous vaccine, he shouldn't be able to feed his three kids by going to work each day just so she doesn't have to be bothered with taking care of herself. Leave Todd father of three alone. He has his own grandma that he needs to take care of and three kids who need him to make money so they don't die. Todd father of three needs his job. He needs his life. He probably is morbidly depressed because he hasn't seen his friends in a while or gone on that planned vacation with his family or booked that trip to revive the spark in his marriage. Grandma doesn't get to tell Todd he doesn't deserve a happy marriage, food in his pantry, and kids who aren't starving.

And this is completely ignoring the domestic abuse cases, resurgence of alcoholism and narcotics usage because these people are completely cut off from their support groups, and other "collateral damage." In fact, it ISN't collateral damage. Call it what it is. Death and destruction caused by lockdowns. It's not "collateral" it's DIRECT. 

Don't misunderstand me. If you have Covid (you can get a completely free test at any local pharmacy) then don't go visiting your grandma or go out among old people and whatnot because this thing still kills people. It may have a 99% survival rate, but that doesn't mean nobody dies. However, we also can't tell people who are not sick that they need to completely upend their lives, take an experimental, potentially unsafe vaccine, and go under house arrest when people who are in danger can simply take minimal steps to protect themselves.

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