BREAKING: Islamic Taliban Forces Are Raping Women And Children Post-Takeover

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Taliban Soldier, Photo by Newsonline, CC BY 2.0

After Biden's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Islamic Taliban hasn't just taken over, but is now raping women and children across the country. Additionally, there are reports of the Islamic Taliban demanding "lists of women" to rape as "spoils of war."

According to The Sun, the Islamic Taliban views the women and children of Afghanistan as "qhanimat," a term which means "spoils of war." This, according to them, and many Islamic scholars, is a classical component of Islamic takeover. 

The idea behind this is that women are considered conquered objects that can be treated however the conquerors see fit. The most common being rape, abuse, sex slavery, and forced marriage, which is often a combination of sex slavery and abuse that is then considered a "marriage," by the Islamic Taliban leadership.

Groups of these Islamic Taliban warlords and their soldiers have also formed rape gangs, which roam the countryside looking for young girls to rape. Their goals are also to make these young girls into sex slaves for the Islamic Taliban's warlords.

The Sun also reports that, as a response, millions are fleeing Afghanistan while they still can to prevent becoming sex slaves of the Islamic Taliban warlords and their forces. Whenever they take over a place, the Islamic Taliban reportedly goes door-to-door and demands that girls as young as 12-years-old become their wives and sex slaves.

This is confirmed by reports in Afghanistan that the Islamic Taliban has demanded local leaders to submit a comprehensive list of all young girls in their territory in addition to widows who are under 45 years of age. 

Noori, who is a citizen of Afghanistan along with his family, told NBC News just before takeover that "Kabul is also not safe. If they take over Kabul, they’re taking your daughters, your wife, they don't care."

The New York Post also reports that even Afghan soldiers are worried they will be raped. One soldier, an Afghan woman who joined the military to help protect her country, said she was "terrified" that she will be kidnapped and raped by the Islamic Taliban. 

She told the New York Post "I am afraid I will be kidnapped, imprisoned and raped for being a soldier. I am afraid for my future and for my family."

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  1. “After Biden’s decision”…

    Wait a second, I thought it was trump who negotiated an agreement to pull US troops out of Afghanistan…

    And if we’re blaming people perhaps we should start with Bush and Cheney.

    But I digress, I feel horrible for the women children and anyone else who is stuck in Afghanistan, my heart really goes out to those who are suffering.
    Especially those who fear/are being raped. The damage being done to normal everyday people is absolutely disgusting. I don’t usually pray, but I’m doing so now, no person deserves to live in fear.

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