Washington Gazette Releases New Free TV Platform To Combat Censorship Online

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In the face of rising censorship on social media and on TV, The Washington Gazette has launched a brand new TV platform - GAZETTE TV - on its site. Boasting Newsmax, Right Side Broadcasting, The First, and other conservative platforms, GAZETTE TV has a wide and varied commentary on news and current events to suit a wide range of audiences.

Additionally, GAZETTE TV has channels centered on science, technology, travel, and more, to provide a window into the best TV has to offer - without a liberal spin or an assault from cancel culture.

While other companies charge for their TV services, GAZETTE TV is free of charge, DOES NOT require an account, and WORKS ON ALMOST ANY WEB BROWSER without having to download an app or go to multiple pages.

The navigation is simple. As is the viewing. Just click the channel you would like to visit from the channel guide below the on-screen content and you will be instantly navigated to the GAZETTE TV channel so you can click play and watch your favorite shows!

As big tech begins to censor content they don't like, The Washington Gazette will continue to be a proponent of anti-censorship and a platform to spread the truth so people can be equipped AND informed.

If you would like to add your content to GAZETTE TV, please contact us at thedailyfodderinfo@gmail.com or contact John Paluska directly via Facebook.

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