Our Civil Liberties Conference

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Mark your calendars for what will undoubtedly be one of the best, most important, and timeliest conferences in the 31-year history of The Future of Freedom Foundation. 

The conference, titled “Restoring Our Civil Liberties,” will begin on Tuesday, September 14, at 7pm Eastern time and continue on consecutive Tuesdays at the same time through Tuesday, November 16.

The conference will be online via Zoom. Admission will be free.

We have an all-star line-up of speakers: 

Tom Palmer (Cato Institute and Atlas Network)
Stephen Halbrook (Second Amendment lawyer)
Jim Bovard (FFF policy advisor and political writer)
Michael Glennon (law professor at Tufts University)
Richard Ebeling (FFF writer and professor at The CItadel)
Jonathan Turley (law professor at George Washington University)
Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News legal commentator)
Ron Paul (former Congressman and presidential candidate)

I will be the final speaker, on November 16.

Given the ever-increasing assaults on civil liberties, the need for this type of conference is more urgent than ever. With the U.S. decades-old “war on terrorism” now dissipating, U.S. officials are turning their sights inward — toward us, the American people. 

Our rights of free speech and protest are under constant assault. Our gun rights are increasingly threatened. Some are now calling for a national vaccine mandate. And let’s not forget how the “war on terrorism” has been applied to people at the Pentagon’s and CIA’s torture center and prison camp at Guantanamo Bay — indefinite detention without charges or trial, denial of due process of law, denial of right to speedy trial, denial of the right to confront witnesses, denial of trial by jury, and confessions and evidence acquired by torture. All we need is another good crisis, and there’s a good chance that we could see those types of measures applied here at home against “domestic terrorists.”

Just consider the titles of these recent articles in the mainstream press:

To Confront the Reality of Domestic Terrorism, We Need a Federal Law”—July 29 Los Angeles Times article

Bring on the Crackdown. The Unvaccinated Must Be Held Accountable“—July 29 Los Angeles Times editorial

Garland Vows Crackdown on Gun Trafficking as Violence Surges”—July 22 Associated Press article

“Joe Biden’s Strategy to Combat Violence … With Gun Control?–July 8 National Interest article

The January 6 Capitol Attack Was, in Fact, a Violent Insurrection“—July 10 Washington Post editorial

Hong Kong Protester Is Sentenced to 9 Years in First Security Law Case”—July 30 New York Times article

Consider this recent quote by former CIA Director John Brennan: 

I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team, who have been nominated or have been appointed, are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas. Where they germinate in different parts of the country, and they gain strength, and it brings together an unholy alliance, frequently, of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists — even libertarians. (Emphasis added.)

After destroying countless countries overseas, the statists are now focusing inward, on our country. At stake are our rights and liberties. Now is the time to fight for the restoration of our civil liberties. We cannot afford to wait until the next big crisis to do so.

Mark your calendars! Conference registration will be posted in August. Sign up to receive FFF Daily for updates. The first talk is Tuesday, September 16, at 7pm Eastern time. First speaker: Tom Palmer, who will deliver a talk on the historical context of civil liberties. 

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