Learning About Hmong Hunting Culture (ft. Keng Yang of Minnesota Hunter)

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“We are a hill tribe in Laos. We have been in the United States for a little over 50 years. I think we came here during the Vietnam War after the Americans pulled out during the war. We were brought over here from the to the US. California and Minnesota is where most of the Hmong resided. And so when they came here, a lot of their traditions came back with them, including hunting and even gardening. If there’s space in the yard, a garden, they’ll garden. If there’s a tree in the yard, they’ll cut it down so they have space for gardening.” — Keng Yang, founder of Minnesota Hunter

In Episode 197 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes Minnesota Hunter’s Keng Yang to the podcast.

Minnesota Hunter is your centralized place to learn about Pheasant, Duck or Turkey hunting. Learning from these hunts will be the stepping stone into any other type of hunting you wish to do in the future. Keng’s goal is to help you have a successful hunt on public land.

Learn about Minnesota Hunter here and connect with Keng on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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