New Presentation Unravels Disturbing Evidence About JFK's Assassination

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Have you watched the presentations from our recent online conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination”?

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I carefully organized this conference as a prosecutor would in a criminal prosecution. Therefore, it’s helpful if you watch the presentations in the order they were delivered in the conference, as shown below. I have no doubt that anyone who watches these presentations in their entirety will conclude beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that what transpired on November 22, 1963, was a U.S. regime-change operation based on grounds of “national security.”

President Kennedy and the Third World” by Jim DiEugenio

JFK, the Vietnam War, and the War State” by Michael Swanson

JFK and the Cold War: Deception, Treachery, and the Struggle for Power” by John M. Newman

Morley v. CIA, Part 1” by Jefferson Morley

Morley v. CIA, Part 2” by Jefferson Morley

The JFK Medical Cover-Up” by Douglas Horne’ 

The JFK Medical Cover-Up Q&A” by Douglas Horne

Reviewing the Autopsy X-Rays” by Michael Chesser

JFK’s Head Wounds” by David Mantik

How Five Investigations into JFK’s Medical Autopsy Evidence Got It Wrong” by Gary Aguilar

JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment” by Douglas Horne

Regime Change: The JFK Assassination” by Jacob Hornberger

Feedback on the Conference

“Turned a friend on to your JFK webinar. He listened to the whole thing and said it changed his life. Thought you might want to know it’s not all preaching to the choir.”


“My congratulations to Jacob and the staff for putting on such a comprehensive JFK assassination online conference.  The speakers were excellent and the Q and A sessions were outstanding.   Thanks again.”


The National-Security State And The Kennedy Assassination series has been an absolute gift as far as I am concerned. I was fifteen years old when JFK was murdered. It was a shock to most that young and has been of interest all my life. In 1960 I was a member of the local Young Democrats club and went door to door hanging campaign brochures on door knobs. I grew up in a rural setting started hunting at ten years of age and am now approaching 73.

There are very few average people who have done as much shooting and hunting as I have. I have my own rifle range! Our hardware business has a good size sporting department which is now nearly empty…We can’t get enough to supply demand.

Your JFK assassination series has filled in many of the blanks and certainly given me hope. And hope enough of the story will be told for future generations to understand.

I have gone to Dallas (Dealey Plaza) twice just to gain some understanding of the event of 11/22/63. As a long time shooting enthusiast I knew the official story was a ton of smoke and walls of mirrors.

Thank you, once again for the JFK series,


you did a terrific job and the result will be beneficial for decades to come;

thank you for doing this; i am sure scores of individuals share my

gratitude for what you brought us;


I want to thank you for presenting an excellent conference on the National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination. The group of brilliant speakers you gathered together last night for Q & A was extraordinary. It felt that we were part of a conversation between the speakers and learned new things as they did. I want to say that your stated goal, of introducing the subject in all its complexity to people who did not know that much about this history—you accomplished this masterfully in your presentation. The other speakers seemed to me to direct their points to people who were well versed in the history, which many of your participants were, and I felt that the two approaches dovetailed well. The only suggestion that I would make about your presentation is that the removal of Sukarno in Indonesia is as good an example as Chile of the National Security State exercising its power. I read that Allen Dulles considered Indonesia his best example of successful regime change, particularly since hardly anyone even realized the CIA and National Security State had done it.

Doug Horne’s second presentation was particularly excellent, taking a view of the whole arc of the Kennedy administration by following the events in detail during each year. He is doing important work. I enjoyed hearing John Newman’s new discoveries and the in-depth examination of the military side of the assassination. I look forward to his next book. Mike Swanson made some interesting points about the Cold War. I knew part of this information because I read both of his books. And Jim Di Eugenio’s examination of Kennedy’s foreign policy is essential, and gives a better understanding of how he challenged the previous administration and the entrenched national security powers. I have read a number of his essays on this subject as well. The only speakers I regret could not join your conference were Doug Valentine and Peter Dale Scott, who both investigate the consequences of the National Security State in important ways that go beyond the assassination discussion.

Finally, I think your point is well taken—that if you accept that the autopsy was manipulated, as I also do, it settles the issue of conspiracy once and for all. I was glad to hear the presentations by David Mantik, Michael Chesser and Doug Horne discussing the shortcomings of the autopsy in detail. Each of them complemented the others well, and clearly listened to the other speaker’s presentations.

Following from your point, I am intrigued by suggestions of Vincent Salandria—that the Warren Report may have been meant to fall apart upon careful examination, catching the investigative community in a web of minutiae. By this, and by putting out false conspiracy books to muddy the waters, they kept us from examining the important implications of the coup d’etat. Your conference took a larger view, avoiding the traps, and I applaud your achievement and your continuing work.


I hope you’ll consider more similar series.

Hopefully, the release of Oliver Stone’s new film …

at the Cannes Festival in July will continue the building momentum.


I just want to thank you so much for these excellent presentations! I catch parts of them live, and some I have to miss… I am so grateful that you post them later to YouTube, where I can view the parts I miss.

The presenters are fantastic…  and as of course you know, they all have tons of information. I really appreciate the way you host… I really like that the events are long, as there is so much material to cover. I never feel like you are rushing the presenters, and your patience when there are technical difficulties is so much appreciated. Your hosting style is relaxed and effortless, which is so helpful as at times the material can be intense, confusing, and multi-layered.

I don’t know what inspired you to do this series at this time,  but I hope you continue doing these in the future. The best thing to come out of this crazy pandemic (from my point of view) are all the virtual events I have been able to watch that I would not otherwise be able to attend.

Please continue to host more virtual JFK talks into the future… you are shining a much needed light on this horrific part of our history. Hope springs eternal that you can help reach and educate more people so that one day people will no longer talk about conspiracy theories, but rather conspiracy facts.


I have to say i was honestly caught up in the excitement of it all and how thorough and professional each presentation was in a calmer state of mind, i am going to go back and listen very carefully again to all the talks; and read all of doug horne’s meticulous slides! he so sincerely wanted all of us to understand; they all did;

one very clear take-away i have is how u knitted together the various elements; and your theory of the case,if they could do it in iran and guatemala and chile, and knowing what we know they said about him on tape when he left the room, as frightening and disgusting and chilling as it really is, they very likely did it to their own president (though they would all be the first to say,he’s not my president); and as u state, the rosetta stone is the autopsy;Not incompetent (their fallback position?) but Fraudulent; i think it was general mchugh who kneeled beside jackie on af1 and gave her the “choice’ of walter Reed or Bethesda, and of course she “choose” navy, “bcuz jack was navy”;and what should have been a solemn, dignified, private medical procedure was instead a gallery full of flag officers, what the hell were they doing there when the president’s body was being dissected, giving orders to enlisted and subservient juniors; it truly makes the head spin; yes, a terrific resource for the new and for people like me, well-read, conference attendee,50 yrs on and cant let it go till there is justice for a great man;

thx again, jacob, terrific time; i will miss our wednesdays together;


I wanted to personally thank you and your staff well in your work and look forward for putting on the JFK conference over these past number of weeks.  The roster of speakers was outstanding:  some of the best researchers in the business spoke and presented.  It was extraordinary to have them present under one “roof.”  It was informative and as good as any JFK conference held “in person.”  The panel discussion last night was a nice touch.

I do not share your political philosophy, but I must say how much I appreciated the tone of civility and respect that you and your colleagues displayed.  It is nice to know that people can be welcome here even if they do not share a viewpoint with the hosts, and not face a slew of attacks, political or personal.

I will visit your site from time to time to look at all things JFK.  I wish you well in your work and look forward to, perhaps, another such conference in the future.

ps – John Newman’s revelations were shocking, to say the least.  Doug Horne does not participate in a lot of these forums, anymore, so it was great to see him.  Gary Aguilar and Jim Di were top notch, as always.  All of you were great and your passion for the truth came shining through!


Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful series. Last night was particularly awesome.


thx for a great conference; history and future generations will thank you also;

best wishes and yes, see u at the next o


Your presentation last evening was terrific and I enjoyed it very much. The conference has been very eye-opening and hopefully educational to all that have attended.


“Excellent start on your zoomcast on JFK. I was 11 at the time and even now hazy on the geopolitical background of the time and what a radical change Kennedy represented to the Deep State status quo.”


I did watch your presentation and I forwarded it to a friend who also though it laid out the plot very well.

I’ve done some research into Oswald’s time in Atsugi and I’m convinced he was trained by the marines or naval intelligence to learn the Russian language and culture, under disciplinary cover I may add, and I’m convinced he was handpicked for a mission in Russia. The marines allowed him to get a bogus early out and paved the way for him to get a passport with the application stating he was intending to visit Cuba and Russia both hotspots as far as the U.S., was concerned. I believe he did work for government agencies post Russia and he obviously became expendable in Dallas.

Allen Dulles hated Kennedy and in his prior life he did legal work for the Rockefeller family. Would a fairly recently fired and disgraced Allen Dulles have had the authority to pass the word through the CIA ranks that it was time to take JFK out? Maybe. Could the word have ultimately come from Rockefeller because JFK was waging war with his business interests as well? Maybe. I doubt we’ll ever know.

I think from your work, it’s fair to say LBJ knew a plot had been hatched. He may not have known exactly when or where it was going to happen but his role was to cover it up which he did exceedingly well.. As soon as JFK was pronounced dead, the pressure was off of LBJ for all of his criminal activities and he did what he did best – stroked people and applied pressure as needed. Hoover helped him as the FBI basically stopped the investigation.

I have felt for forty years that we killed JFK. I never thought the mafia, Cuba or Russia had a hand in it. The U.S., government had JFK in their hands after Parkland Hospital and there’s no doubt in my mind body alteration occurred.

I was a combat medic in Vietnam with the Infantry and I saw many entrance and exit wounds. I was also taught how to do a tracheotomy and the hole in the throat would be roughly the size of a number 2 pencil. Dr. Perry made a short straight incision through the throat wound which was about the size of a number two pencil and by all accounts Perry was a master with a scalpel. The throat wound at Bethesda was done by a butcher and I think you’re the first person that explained that it was done this way to graphically depict an exit wound.

Interestingly, several years ago, I called Jim Sibert who was living in a retirement community in Ft. Myers, FL because he hadn’t answered my letter. I was living a few miles away in Ft. Myers Beach, FL. He did answer the phone and we spoke for twenty minutes. I am familiar with the back of the head photos in the national archives and I asked Mr. Sibert if he could describe the hole he saw at Bethesda in the back of JFK’s head. He said “it was the size of a small orange” and I nearly dropped the phone. It was at that moment that I was absolutely convinced we’d been had because I knew it was an exit wound and the killing shots came from the front.

Your presenters have done a great job convincing the attendees that the fix was in and that it was a domestic assassination which has been perpetuated by the evil mainstream media ever since. The question is after you explained how this happened, how are you going to get this out to the mass public? Where are you going with this from here? Are you going to feature it on YouTube? Have you given any thought to a documentary? How does the word go out to the masses because the mainstream media will not touch it.

Thanks for your work and dedication to this very important subject.


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the Future of Freedom Foundation’s recently completed conference, “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination”.  Your organization’s exceptional effort at addressing an important, but commonly neglected, subject I found to be pervasively illuminating, enlightened in tone, and — above all — demonstrably courageous.

In approximately the last half decade I believe that the FFF has disproportionately contributed in a positive way to both the scholarship and dialogue in this area of history.  For this, I am personally grateful to you and those who assist you.

I will limit any detailed comments at this time to only one, as follows.  (I do not know how to contact researcher and speaker Douglas P. Horne directly, so I request that you share this with him as you have the time and opportunity.

The “teaser” near the end of Horne’s second presentation, “JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment”, was extremely intriguing to me.  To wit, his photograph-only identification of General David A. Burchinal (USAF) gave me much to ponder as Burchinal served in significant positions of responsibility under General Curtis E. LeMay (USAF) over at least seven assignments.  All told, they spanned 20-years (mid-1940’s, mid-1950’s, & early to mid- 1960’s), including three assignments in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) while LeMay was CINCSAC.  This particular career, lengthy as it was, may indeed be ripe for scrutiny.

If Horne, or the mystery researcher (my words) he referred to, are so interested, they might consider:

     –  “Strategic Air Warfare”, Office of Air Force History, Edited by R. H. Kohn & J. P. Harahan, pub. 1988.

An oral history, conducted June 1984, with four retired USAF Generals (including both LeMay and Burchinal) in a single, private forum.  The Cold War portion, including discussion of the Kennedy Administration, has some revealing “qualities” to it.

     –  The Air Force Historical Research Center has oral histories, individually conducted, on all four of the Generals in the aforementioned document.

Thank you, again, Jacob for personally stepping forward and making a substantial difference in the causes of both historical truth and historical accuracy — not the same things — in the assassination of President Kennedy.

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