CFACT in action in Florida

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CFACT met with Florida innovators working to turn a serious environmental problem into an asset and made presentations to key Florida activists.

Toxic algae blooms are a plague on the Sunshine State.

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There’s no sight sadder than heading out onto Florida’s unspoiled waters and encountering vast numbers of bloated dead fish.  Even the birds won’t touch them.

“Red tide” algae has always been a problem.  Red algae originates offshore, but when it makes its way into Florida’s bays and inlets it can be devastating.

Green algae originates in rivers and estuaries and causes its own share of harm.  This is the algae that is being investigated to determine how much it is exacerbated by human sources of nitrogen and other nutrients flowing into the water from fertilizer and waste.

Aguaculture is a company that harvests toxic algae blooms and turns them into usable fertilizer. Aguaculture may have found the key using free market forces and technological innovation.

Watch the latest installment of Conservation Nation in which Gabriella Hoffman meets with Aguaculture and learns about their plans to turn toxic trash into useful treasure.

While Gabby was learning about ways to tame toxic algae blooms, I had a chance to brief key Florida activists on other ways to harness the power of human freedom and ingenuity to improve life for both people and nature.  I also informed them in detail about the ways left-wing activists use environmental issues to push toxic social and economic agendas.

Florida’s citizens care deeply about the quality of their beautiful environment.  It’s the reason they live there. They are sick and tired of radical activists exploiting Florida’s environmental challenges to push a Socialist agenda (as if there is anywhere on Earth dirtier and more toxic than the places where that evil ideology has taken root).

CFACT’s expertise on conservation came as a refreshing lift.

Florida is a perfect proving ground for the essential truth that there is no environmental challenge Americans cannot meet.

It takes freedom and innovation to keep Florida and the nation clean, green, and sparkling clear.

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