BREAKING: Twitter Begins Banning Journalists Who Badmouth The U.S. Government

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In the latest war on truth, Twitter has taken a dangerous step. According to their most recent Transparency report, twitter has banned more than 51,000 accounts, including many journalists with verified accounts with the site, at the behest of worldwide governments, including the United States government.

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Additionally, Twitter has admitted they have verified fake accounts while banning conservatives at alarming rates. Twitter has also disclosed that they received more than 14,000 information requests, of which they complied with almost 1 in 3 of the requests.

According to CNET, so far 200 journalists with verified accounts on the platform may have been banned in an effort to make governments look good. Twitter also banned entire news organizations at the behest of the U.S. Government.

However, according to Twitter's own blog post from Wednesday, the U.S. Government was Twitter's #1 client requesting bans:

The second highest volume of information requests originated from the United States, comprising 22% of global information requests.

The United States submitted the highest volume of global emergency requests (34%), followed by Japan (17%), and South Korea (16%).

. . .

Civic integrity policy enforcements increased significantly, by 175%, compared to the previous reporting period, largely driven by Tweets related to the United States 2020 election.

Where To Go To Avoid Government Censorship 

Gettr was recently launched by a Trump supporter in response to Twitter's censorship of anyone who disagrees with the Federal Government. Unlike Parler, which was shut down by Amazon when they cut their server support, only to relaunch on buggy, slow servers. Gettr is run on private servers and backed by multiple conservative investors, so it won't be going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to run smoothly.

On Gettr, users enjoy more freedom of speech than sites like Twitter. However, unlike on Twitter and Facebook, there is content moderation to avoid violence and terrorism from spreading.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already signed up since the social media site's short launch just 10 days ago, including U.S. Senators, popular Conservative influencers, and Hollywood celebrities. 

To avoid U.S. Government censorship, Gettr is an alternative.

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