BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Republican Election Reform Laws In Landmark New Ruling

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One landmark win at the Supreme Court yesterday has just established the precedent for protecting the integrity of our elections.

The lawsuit involved Arizona election laws that ban the third-party collection of mail-in ballots (commonly known as ballot harvesting) and invalidate votes cast in the wrong precinct. The factually inaccurate argument used against these restrictions was that they unfairly disadvantaged minority groups in the state, therefore violating the Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court, on the other hand, affirmed the election regulations as reasonable steps to protect election security and that this precaution does not violate the Voting Rights Act in any way.

The American Center for Law And Justice's Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett explains:

The ruling is so important because it is a win for the Constitution. The Constitution clearly gives the authority to set the mechanics of elections to the states. . . . This ruling today justifies the position that we’ve been advocating for from the beginning – that if you want secure elections then the right place to house that authority as the Constitution does is at the state level. . . . The Supreme Court rightly acknowledged that today.

The battle, however, is far from over, and the ACLJ is also defending Georgia's Voter ID Law against the Department of Justice. Following the 2020 election, state legislators recognized that several components of current vote procedures needed to be revised on a state-by-state basis. These adjustments are required to ensure the integrity of our elections. And one such method, mandatory  Voter identification, is necessary for accomplishing this.

However, the Department of Justice doesn't think limiting voters only to United States citizens is a good idea, and is suing the state of Georgia over a voting law that is similar to those currently upheld by the Supreme Court in Arizona and California. With these Supreme Court victories, there is expectation that many states will follow suit and reform their voting laws to ensure fair elections.

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