BREAKING: First Liberty Wins Landmark Cases Restoring Christian Servicemen Who Were Discharged By The Department Of Defense For Being Christian

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Wokeism has invaded the military to the point where persons of faith are labeled as "Extremists" and their distinguished careers are destroyed just for acting peacefully in line with their religious beliefs.

A military that is more concerned with spreading popular political ideas than with safeguarding America's service members' fundamental religious liberty may ultimately wind up compromising our country's national security.

Recently, there has been an alarming increase in anti-religious hostility and censorship against military chaplains and service personnel who voice or live out their religious beliefs.

Consider First Liberty's client, Andrew Calvert, a distinguished Army Chaplain of 16 years who recently used his personal social media account to express support for a then-existing DOD policy prohibiting people diagnosed with gender dysphoria from serving in the military (in keeping with his religious beliefs).

The Army stripped him of his duty and accused him of "illegal discrimination" because he expressed his own religious views on a personal social media page. These threatening actions immediately destroyed Chaplain Calvert's decorated military career.

But Chaplain Calvert is far from the only one facing career-ending punishment.

Unfortunately, religious military members - whose faith and beliefs drive them to serve and risk their lives in the first place - are bearing the punishment for this worrisome move toward anti-religious discrimination and aggression.

First Liberty clients U.S. Army Chaplain Scott Squires, U.S. Navy Chaplain Wes Modder, and U.S. Air Force SMSGT Phillip Monk all had their lifelong military careers attacked due to their religious beliefs.

According to data from the Department of Defense, almost 70% of military service personnel identify as religious. But, currently, I f any service members of faith dare to speak opposing views or voice objection based on their faith, the Military can and does quickly bring down the hammer, ruining their reputation, career, and civilian life.

First Liberty's military division, led by General Counsel Mike Berry, a former active-duty U.S. Marine Corps officer, has won victory after victory on behalf of service members confronting religious targeting. Further, among the chaplains represented by First Liberty in recent years, such as Chaplain Wes Modder, Chaplain Scott Squires, and Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn, First Liberty has won every case to restore their constitutional rights.

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