Will Biden Continue the JFK Assassination Cover-Up?

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Immediately after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the official narrative became that a lone-nut communist named Lee Harvey Oswald suddenly decided to kill the president. Immediately after Oswald was himself assassinated, federal officials decreed an end to any further investigation into Kennedy’s assassination.

The official narrative never made any sense. For one thing, Oswald had served in the U.S. Marine Corps. How many U.S Marine communists have you ever heard of? Moreover, the previous June, President Kennedy had declared an end to the Cold War, stating that the United States and the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist world could live in peaceful harmony with one another. Why would a genuine communist want to get rid of a president like that?

As we carefully documented in our recent conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination,” the assassination of President Kennedy was actually the result of a plot by his enemies with the national-security establishment, specifically within the Pentagon and the CIA, who were convinced that Kennedy’s policies were going to lead to a communist takeover of the United States. 

Central to the plot was secrecy. That’s why from the very beginning the assassination was shrouded in “national security.” Back in 1964, when Earl Warren, the chairman of the Warren Commission, was asked when people would be able to see all the documentation relating to the assassination, he responded, “It might not be in your lifetime…. There may be some things that would involve security.”

That was palpable nonsense back then and it remains palpable nonsense today. After all, if the assassination was really carried out by some lone nut communist former Marine, what would that have to do with “national security”? But since the assassination was actually a highly sophisticated Cold War regime-change operation, national-security secrecy was a necessary part of the operation given that an aggressive investigation would inevitably had led to the military and the CIA.

In the 1990s, in response to public pressure, Congress enacted the JFK Records Act, which required the Pentagon, the CIA, and other federal agencies to finally disclose their assassination-related records to the public. 

That was when the dam of secrecy broke down, at least with respect to the autopsy that the U.S. national-security establishment had conducted on the president’s body on the very evening of the assassination. As we carefully documented in our recent conference, the overwhelming weight of the newly released evidence establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the autopsy was fraudulent. 

Why is that important? Because there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. None! Once the fraudulent autopsy was uncovered, the case against the national-security establishment was closed. That’s because a fraudulent autopsy had to be part of the cover-up of the assassination itself.

Unfortunately, someone slipped a provision into the JFK Records Act that permitted the CIA, the Pentagon, and other federal agencies to delay disclosure of their assassination-related records for another 25 years. Imagine that! A supposed lone-nut assassination that requires additional secrecy of assassination-related records until April 2018. That’s 55 years after the assassination! 

When that deadline came due, guess what the CIA did then. It declared that “national security” required even more years of secrecy! And guess who fell for it. That would be President Donald Trump, who gave the CIA another three years of “national security” secrecy. The new deadline for release of the still-secret records was now October 2021.

Why will the CIA do prior to this October? There is no question about it. It will undoubtedly pressure President Biden into extending the time for “national-security” secrecy even more. Hey, if they’ve been able to keep their assassination-related records secret this long, they know that they can pressure any president, Democrat or Republican, into extending the deadline into perpetuity. 

No, there is no confession within the still-secret records. From the CIA’s very beginning, it was established policy to never refer to any state-sponsored assassination in writing. Instead, there is an extreme likelihood that the records that the CIA doesn’t want us to read relate to the Mexico City part of their operation. That was where they positioned Oswald — or someone portraying Oswald — in the Soviet and Cuban embassies two months before the assassination. The purpose was to establish Oswald’s connection to those two communist countries immediately prior to the assassination. As I carefully documented in my own presentation at our recent conference, that connection was essential to achieving an immediate shutdown of the investigation.

The Mexico City part of the operation is still shrouded in mystery, most likely because so many things went wrong with it. The CIA’s cameras on one or both embassies, we were later told, just happened to be broken. The CIA did produce a photograph of a person who was supposed to be Oswald but wasn’t. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover told new President Lyndon Johnson that audiotapes of conversations of revealed the voice of someone other than Oswald. The CIA then later claimed that no audiotapes existed.

In the 1970s, when two law students, Dan Hardway and Edwin Lopez, were seeking records relating to Mexico City from the CIA as part of their work for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the CIA brought a CIA officer named George Joannides out of retirement to serve as a wall to prevent Hardway and Lopez from getting to those records. Joannides had secretly served as supervisor to the DRE, which was the first organization to advertise that the president had been killed by a “communist.” The CIA kept Joannides’s and the CIA’s relationship with the DRE secret from the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee, and the ARRB.

The CIA and the Pentagon know what happened when the JFK Records Act mandated the release of records back in the 1990s. The people who had participated in the fraudulent autopsy were released from the vows of secrecy that the military had imposed upon them 30 years before. That was why researchers were able to establish the fraudulent nature of the autopsy.

The CIA knows that its Mexico City records will fill in more pieces to the puzzle. That’s why it’s a virtual certainty that it will plead “national security” when it seeks additional time for secrecy with President Biden.

Will Biden cave, as Trump did? In my opinion, there is little doubt about it. Biden is much more likely to bow to the CIA’s demands than Trump was. The only thing that can force release of the CIA’s almost 60-year old records is public pressure, the same thing that got the JFK Records Act enacted 20 years ago.

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