The Drug Policy Alliance’s Queer Agenda

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You might think of the Drug Policy Alliance as a single-issue organization focused on ending the war on drugs. In fact, in a section titled “A Broad Coalition” at the “About Us” page of the organization’s website, the Drug Policy Alliance declares that “Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs must end.” This description fits in perfectly with the idea that the Drug Policy Alliance advocates regarding drug policy on behalf of a broad coalition of people who disagree on many things but all support ending the drug war.

At least recently, though, it seems the organization’s focus has changed. Case in point, the Drug Policy Alliance proclaimed this week that it has a “queer agenda” that goes far beyond policy related to drugs.

The Drug Policy Alliance, in a post currently promoted at the top of its website’s home page, explains its queer agenda as follows:
The LGBTQ+ community has often led in advocating for visionary reforms. Folks used to speculate that there was some kind of a "queer agenda." Well, our version of "The Queer Agenda" includes decriminalizing drugs, sex work, poverty, pleasure, freedom, gender, and communities.
Over at Twitter on Tuesday, the Drug Policy Alliance’s Department of Research and Academic Engagement declared:
This #PrideMonth2021 and always, we're promoting the queer agenda. Let's push for it together.
Here are links to the t-shirts and stickers the Drug Policy Organization is selling that promote its queer agenda.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute

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