BREAKING: Whistleblowers Expose Electioneering Efforts For Democrat Candidates By State-Sponsored Poll Workers In New York

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Last week, during the Democratic Primary for New York City's Mayoral race, undercover journalists with Project Veritas uncovered electioneering - the act of attempting to change the opinion of a voter on Election Day while within 100 feet of a voting location.

Rafael Rivera and Latishia Norman, two polling station workers, were captured on camera appearing to break state law by allegedly giving their thoughts and personal views on certain candidates on the ticket for Mayor. Both recordings were taped on June 2nd, the official primary day for NYC Democrats running for Mayor.

According to New York State Election Law 17-126(1) and (2), it is illegal for an "Election officer" to reveal "to another person the name of any candidate for whom a voter has voted" or even communicate "his opinion, belief or impression as to how or for whom a voter has voted."

Veritas' investigation not only reveals two polling station workers who allegedly appear to have broken State law, but may also have resulted in one of the workers, Rafael Rivera - a County Interpreter who told one of our journalists to vote for Dianne Morales for Mayor while at a polling station located at 319 Stanhope Street in Brooklyn, NY, - being fired.

The comment that allegedly broke the law was "[Eric] Adams is a person who is chairman of the board and hasn't done anything about anything that is going on."

In a separate incident, an undercover Project Veritas reporter at the Washington Heights polling location located at 99 Ft Washington Ave, New York, NY, allegedly recorded Latishia Norman, an Info Clerk and Poll Worker, violating multiple electioneering laws by her alleged actions telling the journalist how to vote in the Mayor's race.

Project Veritas reached out to the State Attorney General's office, the Brooklyn DA's Public Integrity Line, the New York City Board of Elections, and the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York for comment, but has yet to get any response at the time of writing.

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