Fox News Whistleblower Speaks Out After Being Suspended For Refusing To Lie In Her Stories

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Project Veritas unveiled a new video on Tuesday that featured an interview Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker, who was recently suspended after refusing to continue lying for the Network's benefit. She blew the whistle on her own network over what she says are deceptive practices. She contends that the station's editorial selections are a slap in the face of honest journalism.

“Fox came at my throat for standing up against censorship,” Hecker told Project Veritas. "Viewers are being deceived about some of the things that are going on."

Hecker approached Project Veritas with recordings of her coworkers and superiors displaying a pattern of "censorship" on COVID-19 and Bitcoin-related issues. She also highlighted the local affiliate's leadership's subservience to Fox's financial interests, rather than acting in the interest of transparency with its viewers.

Part of the proof she brought to Veritas included recorded phone calls with two of her supervisors, Vice President and News Director Susan Schiller and Assistant News Director Lee Meier.

When asked why she risked her job and maybe her career exposing fake news at Fox, Hecker replied "It affects the viewers. That's why I'm doing this. The viewers are being deceived by a carefully crafted narrative in some stories, okay? In some areas they do fantastic journalism. For some reason, some of these stories have an incredible slant. If you accidentally step outside [the narrative], they try to internally destroy you -- as I've witnessed firsthand." 

But it wasn't just Ivory Hecker who exposed Fox Reporting's deceptive journalistic practices; Jennifer Bourgeois, Fox 26's sales coordinator, told an undercover Project Veritas reporter that the CDC pays Fox to publish pro-vaccine content. She also said that Fox stands to profit from the vaccines.

"Yeah, they [CDC] are spending money. They are spending money because they can," Bourgeois told the undercover Project Veritas reporter. "Yeah, they can. They [CDC] are in the pocket. You know? They’re there. Vaccines are a potential money maker for Fox. Fox gets paid for that. As a viewer you need to look at who is advertising on this TV station, and you’ve got to realize -- surely that the TV station doesn’t want to hurt its advertisers."

You can watch the video for yourself below:

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