ACLJ Condemns Biden Administration For Giving Into Iran Nuclear Program

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As the JCPOA came together to unify around Iran continuing to research nuclear weapons and repeatedly violate their agreement, the Biden Administration sent a weak message to Iran by lifting sanctions despite their own spokesperson saying they are not confident Iran will willingly scale back their nuclear and ballistic weapons research.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told Congress that the Biden administration "[doesn't] know if Iran is willing, able to comply with JCPOA." And Blinken isn't the only intelligence official stating this, either.

The U.N. IAEA, the agency tasked with gathering intelligence on the global nuclear stockpile and ensuring countries who will be a global threat with nuclear weapons do not obtain such weapons, had a meeting in which the head of the organization warned the world:

"We have a country that has a very developed and ambitious nuclear program, which is enriching at very high levels, enriching uranium at very high levels, very close to weapons grade."

Armed with this dangerous threat to global security, and the fact that Iran is one of the biggest state sponsors of global terrorism, funneling tens of millions of dollars into HAMAS each year, with 2021 being the year Iran raises the total terrorism-backing to 30 million dollars, ACLJ denounced the Biden Administration and warns that Biden's policy will empower a nation that is rife with terrorism and global domination.

In a statement on the Biden Administration's new policy of appeasement, ACLJ stated:

The Biden Administration is intent on reaching an agreement even though Iran is violating the original agreement and demands that the U.S. lift all sanctions as a condition to reaching any new agreement.  Just before the talks began last week, the U.S. Administration actually lifted some of the sanctions.  The U.S. lifted sanctions on three Iranian officials and several Iranian energy companies in a questionable strategy to inject new momentum into the negotiations.  Due to flaws in the original agreement and Iran’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons, the Trump Administration had withdrawn from the JCPOA and imposed sweeping sanctions on Iran.

Fox News has already reported on images taken over Iranian nuclear facilities showing alarming activity in these supposedly unused research sites. This was a mere days before the Iran talks restarted in Vienna. In fact, the IAEA's head stated in a statement obtained by Fox News that it is very likely that Iran is already pursuing nuclear weapons. He also condemned Tehran for refusing to give answers despite telling the JCPOA that they will be complicit in answering all questions: "The Iranian government has reiterated its will to engage and to cooperate and to provide answers. But they haven't done that so far. So I hope this may change, but as we speak, we haven't had any concrete progress on any of the issues."

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